Come back and develop Zambia, Phiri urges Zambians resident in SA

SINDA Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace coordinator Davide Phiri has called on Zambians in South Africa to come back and develop Zambia.

In interview, Phiri expressed sadness over the xenophobic attacks by South Africans against black foreigners in that country.

“What they are doing is terribly wrong because they forget that Africa is one and in every country we have foreigners. We have a lot of South Africans here [in Zambia] who do not have credentials but they are doing their businesses peacefully but why should our own be killed there?” he wondered.

However, Phiri advised against revenge by attacking South Africans in the country because it was not them that practiced xenophobia in that country.

“We should not harm those who are here. They are just innocent; it’s their people in South Africa who are killing our people,” he said.

Phiri suggested for Zambians to return home to develop thee country.

“Please come back home and develop Zambia than dying in a foreign land. You have a home which is Zambia, is its very open for you. Come, you practice your skills and talents in your own country,” he advised.

He said what South Africans were doing was creating enmity with the world.

“They are creating barriers for themselves with other nations. They have created enmity with everyone because nearly every country has people in South Africa and to hear such attacks, it does not impress anyone and some countries who believe in revenge will also start attacking foreigners in their countries. As for Zambia, I will appeal to citizens never to take law in their hands but to allow rightful procedures to be utilised,” Phiri said.

He also expressed disappointment with the South African government for not showing interest in the manner its citizens were doing.

“We don’t see seriousness in the government and I feel its time it shows seriousness because just talking without action will give us a picture that the government supports the barbaric attacks of its citizens towards foreigners. Let them know that we are not happy. Let them ask their people in our countries if we are inhuman to them, so why should they?” asked Phiri

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