Lungu, treat others with mercy and goodness

In his Votive Mass for the Progress of Peoples at Zimpeto Stadium in Maputo, Mozambique last Friday, Pope Francis urged people to love each other, to help each other and to lend without expecting anything in return.

“The world disregards and continues to ignore the virtue of mercy, of compassion. It kills or abandons the handicapped and the elderly, eliminates the wounded and infirm, or shows itself more concerned with the suffering of animals. It has not practiced the goodness and kindness that lead us to consider the needs of our beloved neighbour as our own. Overcoming times of division and violence calls not only for an act of reconciliation or peace, in the sense of an absence of conflict. It also calls for daily commitment on the part of everyone to an attentive and active concern that makes us treat others with the same mercy and goodness with which we ourselves want to be treated. An attitude of mercy and goodness above all towards those who, by their place in society, quickly encounter rejection and exclusion. An attitude not of the weak but of the strong, an attitude of men and women who realise that it is not necessary to mistreat, denigrate or crush others in order to feel ourselves important, but rather the contrary… And this attitude is the prophetic strength that Jesus Christ Himself showed us by His desire to be identified with them and by teaching us the path of service,” said Pope Francis.

Edgar Lungu and his minions need to pay a lot of attention to this message of hope and reconciliation from the pontiff.

The pontiff’s message must be hard to take for Edgar whose publicly stated approach to public and political life is to crush opponents like a tonne of bricks in order to feel himself important and powerful.

We urgently need a visit from Pope Francis to come and give us hope. We are sinking as a nation. The inhumanity that dominates our public and private lives is difficult to imagine.

All the values needed to make us live in peace have been abandoned. They have been replaced with unbridled greed and intolerance. Political violence is the order of the day. Suppression and repression is the way of governing for Edgar and his minions. And they boast about their ability, the power to suppress and repress others. And this has become their source of pride and political survival.

But at the same time they want to carry themselves as committed or devout Christians! These are really shameless hypocrites, vampires.

They claim to be committed to democracy but they don’t want opposition. And they are everyday abusing the police to frustrate the work of the opposition. They have serious difficulties even letting the opposition and other opponents hold protests, demonstrations and political rallies.

To Edgar all political opposition and dissent must be crushed.

They don’t realise that democracy is in many

ways nothing more than a set of rules for managing conflict. And that at the same time, this conflict

must be managed within certain limits and

result in compromises, consensus, or other

agreements that all sides accept as legitimate. They don’t see that an overemphasis on what they want – one side of the equation – can threaten the entire undertaking. They don’t understand that by them, as government, exerting excessive pressure

to achieve consensus, stifling the voices of the people, the society can be crushed from above. Look at how they are pushing through their Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 without regard to the opinions and feelings of others!

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