SA xenophobia has bitter lessons – Mukuka

POLITICAL researcher Dr Cephas Mukuka says the modern South Africa has no regard for human life.

Dr Mukuka said the recent attacks of black foreigners in South Africa was more spiritual than physical.

“From of old we had issues of Shaka, The Zulu, who had little or no regard for human life and human rights. He could kill people and perceived enemies as and when he so wanted to. Blood when shed in the cold or dark speaks. When Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy, the blood of Abel spoke revenge or vengeance – Genesis 4 Vs 10 – 13,” he said.

“During the era of Apartheid, a lot of innocent people died in greater numbers including children in The Soweto Uprising of 1976. It’s a situation whereby the atmosphere is saturated with blood of innocent souls crying and calling out for vengeance every day. On the other hand, the streets of Johannesburg are flooded with sangomas both black and white. Most nations in Africa and elsewhere where blood has been shed, continue to be unstable for many years to come not until right things are done.”

Dr Mukuka said South Africa needs serious spiritual cleansing through national repentance and reconciliation to be carried out by the South African church.

“This is no joke at all but a matter of fact. How many people have been robbed, beaten and killed, even before the so-called xenophobic attacks?

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s comment on foreigners owning businesses yet having no proper immigration papers might have triggered the war against fellow Africans in his nation. The political powers of South Africa realised rather too late to do the right thing and have ended up spoiling matters as it were,” he said.

Dr Mukuka said in all fairness and without malice, Johannesburg was the hub of prostitution, homosexuality, lesbianism, drug dealing, fraud, killings, petty thefts, car robbery, pornography and many other related vices.

“Johannesburg is like the African headquarters for such evil and wicked activities. This was actually the national headquarters of South Africa not until it was moved to Pretoria. It should be noted here that Joburg as it is commonly referred to, is very crowded and bears very old buildings which mostly were built in the early 1900. The massive old skyscrapers houses criminality hence the good den of evil activities,” he said.

“The city is for real packed with foreigners mostly without immigration papers, some are runaway criminals from their respective nations and have found refuge in Johannesburg. How many people have been robbed, killed, swindled and tricked in this city if I may ask once again? The numbers are many. So the problem of President Ramaphosa and his government is a serious issue of immigration and lawlessness which has grown over a long period of time. It should be noted here again that Johannesburg is today a commercial capital like Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. It’s very very busy and acts like a stand-alone nation without laws. This is the bitter story of the CBD (central business distrit) of Johannesburg today.”

Dr Mukuka said criminality had even shifted to the airports.

“I won’t take this angle, it’s a story for another day. As bad as Apartheid was, the white minority rulers managed Johannesburg with very minimal reports of thuggery. This takes me back to what my grandmother told me many years ago. She is today over 87 years and facing health challenges, a retired teacher somewhere in Kalundu area of Lusaka. She said to me that Apartheid might have been a blessing in disguise because whites brought massive development to South Africa. I totally disagreed with her. The issue here is that I keep thinking of those words from my grandmother on daily basis. Who is destroying South Africa today?” he asked.

“There are sad reports across Africa suggesting that some South African firms like Shoprite, Game Stores, MTN, DStv, GO TV, Mr Price, Hungry Lion, Pep Stores, Jets, Food Lovers, Pick N Pay, and several others have been looted. The people to lose out are shareholders and the government of South Africa on the other hand. Unfortunately, the aforementioned companies are mainly owned by the white minority businessmen of South Africa who in this case have nothing to do with the xenophobic attacks save they are South Africans. The looting equally has negative effects on the several nations where the looting is taking place. As bad as it may be, this xenophobic issue like the issue of land in South Africa, has bitter lessons to learn from. Zambia has not done well in the area of immigration. We have a lot of foreigners without papers and are comfortably doing business and bearing children right in our nation. On the issues of land reforms, we have not put up proper mechanisms to safeguard the interest of the future generations.”

Dr Mukuka said Dr Kenneth Kaunda had proper system of controlling immigrants at the peak of liberation wars in the SADC region.

He said Dr Kaunda also had a sound policy on land.

“We had the Kabilobilo, Kanakantapa and the Rural Reconstruction on Land policy pronouncements all in trying to urge old and youthful citizens to acquire land easily,” Dr Mukuka said. “All these Kaunda strategies were destroyed slightly after he lost the grip of power. Namibia, Rwanda, Botswana, Tanzania, and Angola seem to have a good and proper immigration system which other nations in the region should emulate.”

He said political hypocrisy may destroy Africa if it remained unchecked.

“I’m not in any way suggesting that foreigners in Zambia should be chased or punished, not at all,” said Dr Mukuka. “Foreigners are welcome provided they follow immigration rules and regulations. If anything Zambia has been the home of refugees for many years but we may be sitting on a time bomb if we don’t cross check our visitors. We may leave our innocent future generations in hot political and economic soup. In the same vein the attacks on defenceless black foreigners in South Africa are condemned without fear or favour.”

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