Ba koswe traumatising Zambians – Akafumba

BA KOSWE bafula mu PF government, says Josephs Akafumba.

He said no single Kwacha can survive because there were too many ‘rats’ in the PF.

Commenting on the successful hosting of the Yellow Card campaign at Mukuni Village on Saturday, Akafumba said Laura Miti, Maiko Zulu and Fumba Chama aka Pilato were trying to save Zambians from a dununa reverse cyclone.

“I agree with the Yellow Card team that we need to show the PF a warning card and also give them a red card in 2021. They have traumatised Zambians to a point of self-pity,” he said. “We have a lot of rats that need a deadly fumigant and that is the 2021 ballot paper and box. Aba bakoswe ba fula mu PF and no single kwacha note will survive in the government coffers come 2021. The treasury will be dry, emptied by ba Koswe.”

Akafumba said Zambians should listen to the Yellow Card campaigners to save the nation from continued PF plunder.

He said Zambia under the PF was becoming more rotten than other African states that were under civil war.

“We are becoming worse than any country you can think of which is war ravaged. Look at Rwanda, from genocide to a prosperous nation beating us pants down,” Akafumba said. “They even have their name on an English Premier Football team (Arsenal) jersey which reads ‘visit Rwanda’ while our name is on the list of violence, corruption, theft, high levels of unemployment and high debts. It should read ‘don’t visit Zambia until PF is out’. I feel for the poor women and the youths.”

On Saturday in Livingstone, Pilato urged Zambians to flush the Yellow Card against the PF until what he termed as thieves and ba koswe can see.

Miti said if PF leaders did not stop stealing and engaging in corrupt practices at the experience of service delivery to Zambians, the ruling party would hear from the Yellow Card campaign team in 2021.

Zulu said PF leaders should feel ashamed of engaging in corruption and theft.

He added that even if the trio were killed, there would be others to stand up to flush the yellow card and continue with the crusade against corruption, theft and poor governance.

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