HH needs to be taught politics – Mbewe

HAKAINDE Hichilema needs to be taught politics, says PF member of Central Committee Kebby Mbewe.

Mbewe said the oppostition UPND and NDC’s Chishimba Kambwili were full of bitterness.

“And getting back to the opposition leader Mr Hichilema, I think he needs to be taught politics because there is no way you can be standing every day talking about hunger and electricity when in actual sense we all know the causes; that we didn’t have enough rainfall for our peasant farmers to grow maize and for the Kariba Dam to be full,” Mbewe said. “We know that the shortage of power is due to low levels of water in Kariba Dam but now we have a type of opposition in Southern Africa which is the worst ever in the history, who cannot in any way bring a solution because when we talk about hunger, what we expect is the opposition to bring solutions. But now they are just making press briefings behind their yards to say that there is hunger and you people rise against government.”

Mbewe urged the opposition not to forget that the current hunger situation might be temporary should the rainfall pattern improve this coming farming season.

“What message are they going to tell Zambians? What will they say then? And this shows clearly that UPND and Kambwili have no direction but are full of bitterness,” Mbewe said. “I’m impressed with certain opposition political parties like the Socialist Party – which is not making careless statements on hunger – FDD and Rainbow Party because they understand that this has to do with nature but the strongest opposition party, UPND, have decided to stage a campaign about load shedding and high mealie-meal prices when the reason is very clear to all Zambians. Even at Mr Hakainde’s farms in Southern Province animals are suffering. There is no water, at his farms there is no water for animals and if he is wise as he thinks, why then doesn’t he have water? Was it raining at his farm? So let them not mislead Zambians who understand now that load-shedding has to do with low levels of water at Kariba Dam and mealie-meal prices has to do with low rainfall that we experienced in the southern part of this country.”

Mbewe said people like Choma Central UPND member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa spend time on radio stations attacking the government over mealie-meal prices instead of finding solutions for his people about the food and water crisis.

“People like Mweetwa should know that their responsibility is to coordinate between government and the people they represent,” he said.

Mbewe said the opposition must not use high mealie-meal prices and load-shedding as campaign tools.

“Please can the opposition get back to their right senses and begin to oppose properly. Let them not oppose out of emotion, anger and hate but oppose with a heart and passion of forming government,” said Mbewe. “Let them oppose with an intention of developing this country, let them oppose where need be. They should not oppose everything. Does it mean that ever since PF assumed power there is nothing good it has done that the opposition can point at? How can you have a party that wants to be in power and only waits for a calamity to occur so that they can campaign? There is no opposition in the country that people should think is as an alternative to the PF.”

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