Request Muntanga made Zambia better off, says Kalaba

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba says former Kalomo Central UPND member of parliament Request Muntanga was a robust debater who did so with vision and passion.

Muntanga, who was a member of parliament from 2001 to 2016, died in July 2016, aged 64, in Lusaka.

He is buried at his farm in Mukwela area in Kalomo district.

On Wednesday, Kalaba made a stop-over at the farm and visited the grave and reminisced about Muntanga’s days in Parliament.

“Request is one of the parliamentarians that I had a lot of respect for. I found him in Parliament when I went there in 2011. He voluntarily told us who were new members of parliament to go to him so that we could understand the proceedings of Parliament,” Kalaba recalled.

“I was one of those that volunteered to be part of his orientation, off the programme of Parliament.”

He added that Muntanga’s contribution to Southern Province, as well as to Zambia’s democracy credentials, was great.

“He was a robust debater; he was debating with vision and passion. Truth be told, Muntanga falls in the greats that this province has produced. He follows the steps of people like Elijah Mudenda,”

Kalaba said, adding that Muntanga revolutionalised the issue of having pluralism in politics.

“He was a firm believer that democracy must thrive. So, for me, he contributed to the growth of democracy in our country. Request Muntanga made this country better off and I can say with a lot of boldness that we are better as a nation because of the likes of Request Muntanga and the indelible mark that he has left on the Zambian political landscape.”

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