We can’t talk about development when 80% youth are languishing – Silumbe

By Melony Chisanga

LEADERSHIP Movement party president Dr Richard Silumbe says Zambia cannot talk about development when 80 per cent of young people are languishing in the streets drinking alcohol and abusing drugs.

Speaking on ‘Boiling Point’ programme on Roots FM on Wednesday, Dr Silumbe said the Leadership Movement wants to build a productive Zambia.

He said he was not a politician but a practical researcher who speaks and leads from a well-researched point.

“I have spent much of my time doing research, finding out what are some of the difficulties we are facing as a country that has made us fail to reach our expectations and finding the means to deal with those problems that we face,” Dr Silumbe said.

“My profession is engineering. Through engineering I have being try to understand how the communities can be developed, how we can develop certain skills in the communities, so that it can be brought back to its feet and be able to be productive. And also understanding the ability to develop people who are able to produce goods. Through engineering I have gained an understanding on how we can enhance not only getting our raw materials to be sold but actually to produce something from the raw materials that we have as a nation. Only when we, as Zambians, enhance the skill of developing our raw materials into finished product, only then are we going to develop as a nation.”

He said it was laziness in leadership to hire foreigners to do works that could be done by the local people.

“We cannot talk about development when we have 80 per cent of our youth languishing in the streets, drinking alcohol, abusing drugs and so on and so forth,” Dr Silumbe said. “We want to provide leadership that will engage the youths into production so that, much of the youth would be part of the development,”

He said the PF government cannot alleviate poverty when many Zambians had nothing to do while they continue to embrace foreigners who were masquerading to bring development.

Dr Silumbe said his party was practical and had embarked on a massive recruitment of both skilled and unskilled people ahead of the 2021 general elections.

“We are in the midst of our national recruitment programme, we are recruiting youths for jobs in 2021. We don’t want to take an approach of usual politicians who do not sit and understand the problem at hand,” Dr Silumbe said. “Us as Leadership Movement we have worked out a plan and we are getting our youths for jobs in 2021. We don’t want to get on the stage without doing our homework. We have done that already and now we are just getting the youths to understand our plan, so that come 2021 we sway into action of developing Zambia.”

On land policy, Dr Silumbe said land belongs to Zambians.

“When we get in power, we will not chase the foreigners who own land here, no. But foreigners will be renting if they will still be interested to use our land. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes made by others but we will accommodate them as long as they will be renting,” said Dr Silumbe.

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