Court cages incestuous Congolese clergyman

THE Ndola High Court has handed a 16-year jail term to a Congolese clergyman for having sex with his biological daughter aged 15.

This was after 40-year-old Kachinga Kabamba was convicted of indecent assault.

It was alleged that on November 14, 2018 at around 23:00 hours, Kabamba called his daughter from her bedroom so that she could escort him to see a pastor, who stayed near their home.

Instead Kabamba started to kiss and touch her private parts.

During trial, Kabamba denied sexually assaulting his daughter saying he only inserted his fingers in her private parts to ascertain if she was still a virgin.

The court heard that Kabamba told his daughter that her mother whom he had divorced was having an affair back home, in Congo, and that he needed a woman to be having sex with.

His daughter then confided in her teacher who in turn reported the matter to the police.

Kabamba’s daughter also narrated how her father had sex with her against the order of nature.

The victim further told the court that her father said in Congo it was normal for a father to marry his own daughter.

The victim’s teacher also testified that the child wept bitterly as she explained what she was going through at home.

The teacher narrated that upon hearing the child’s sufferings, she took up the matter and reported to police.

In defence, Kabamba said in Congo, it was not strange to kiss one another or touch each other.

When the matter came up before the Ndola High Court for sentencing, Kabamba’s lawyer asked for leniency from court stating that his actions were strange before God and people.

Judge Yvonne Chembe sentenced him to 16 years imprisonment with hard labour.

“…he took advantage of his daughter to become his wife because he separated with the mother. I find that aggravating, shameful, evil and sinful. The convict should be ashamed of himself as a father of four and turning his own daughter to satisfy his sexual urges is disgusting,” said judge Chembe.

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