We’re going nowhere with Lungu – Sishuwa

DR SISHUWA Sishuwa says President Edgar just doesn’t care, has zero interest in running Zambia.

In a Tweet yesterday, Dr Sishuwa said to imagine that there was a possibility of President Lungu going all the way up to 2026 was frightening.

“We are going nowhere serious as long as Edgar Lungu remains President. He just doesn’t care, has ZERO interest in running #Zambia and behaves as if his mandate is to ruin the country. And to imagine that there is a possibility of him going all the way up to 2026 is frightening,” tweeted Dr Sishuwa, an academician.
Reacting to the tweet, a Faith J. Mukwasa said, “this is what happens when you have all the red lights warning you before you get into a marriage but still get in there anyway…! Poor mother Zambia.”

Geoffrey.JC,MD simply said, “Baked by fwebene….”

Kampa Senkwe tweeted, “You cannot allow yourself to be led by a blind person and face no consequences. This country need to hit rock bottom, perhaps that is the only way we will wake up.”

Choolwe Mpondamasaka added, “The imminent consequences I’m afraid are damaging and irreversible. He needs to be stopped pronto.”

Wilfred Zulu said, “This is so, so true, and I fear we are yet to see the worst of this administration. And the two years that remain before the next election feel like such a long, very long, eternally long, time. The question is: what is to be done?”

In response, Dr Sishuwa said, “The opposition must first prevent the passage of the deplorable Bill No.10 and then use the resultant energy for further action. This includes tapping into the general discontent by linking their agenda for political change with the key aspirations or concerns of the grassroots.”

In December 2014, ahead of the January 20, 2015 presidential by-election to replace late president Michael Sata, Lungu said he had never prepared himself to become Republican President and as such, he had no vision of his own for the country, but would hinge on Michael Sata’s agenda.

He said he never anticipated to become president and only accepted the candidature following what he termed an overwhelming response from his supporters.

Lungu said it would be betrayal to president Sata if he came up with his own vision.

He said he would, instead, use president Sata’s agenda to campaign and convince people to vote for him.

“I never wanted or imagined or positioned myself to be president but I was humbled by the response from my colleagues. I wasn’t preparing for anything like this; it is a big challenge. It will be folly and naïve for me to think that I will change the vision of Mr Sata. The path has been set; nothing can be done in one and half years,” Lungu said then.

He said his detractors were hell-bent on portraying him as a drunkard.

Lungu said he joined politics for service and not personal aggrandisement or glory.

“I am in politics for service. Of course, there are small small benefits that come with the job. You can enjoy the salute, someone opening the door for you, the diplomatic passport… there are so many such small things which mean a lot to others and mean nothing to other people, but the call to politics is to serve the people,” said Lungu.

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