We’ve the worst MPs in Zambia’s history – Mbewe

KEBBY Mbewe says it is unfortunate that despite having members of Parliament with Grade 12 certificates they have proved to be the worst parliamentarians in the country’s history.

In an interview, Mbewe suggested that parliamentarians should be taken to school for orientation when they are elected so that they know what exactly to do and how to represent their constituencies.

“It is unfortunate that despite having people in Parliament that have Grade 12 certificates, they have proved to be the worst parliamentarians in the history of the country,” he said. “When we were demanding that we want Grade 12s to be members of parliament we thought we are going to have credible MPs that are going to stand and discuss issues but unfortunately we included the clause of Grade 12 in the 2016 amended Constitution and yet we have the worst MPs that cannot make independent decisions.”

Mbewe said the country had a bunch of MPs that were failing to think independently.

“How can we have policy makers [lawmakers] that are failing to make decisions, how can we have policy makers that oppose everything even what is good for the Zambian people? We decided to include Grade 12 clause so that we can have credible MPs who can stand and analyze issues in Parliament but now we have a bunch of MPs that only follow one leader,” he said. “If their leader says stand up, they stand up. Walk out, they walk out. Where are we going as a country if we have such type of parliamentarians? These MPs with this kind of behaviour from the opposition have lost credibility and have no principles as individuals.”

Mbewe said most parliamentarians especially those in the opposition were very irresponsible.

“Some parliamentarians especially in the opposition think that they go to Parliament to get a car loan and sit in Parliament and walkout. No, their responsibility should be to make laws and represent their people who are facing challenges of water, roads, and other problems,” he said.

“It is not to go on radio and make noise about drought. Even in the time of Jesus drought was there, Joseph found himself in Egypt because there was drought that brought severe hunger in Israel.”

Mbewe said opposition MPs had made themselves very irreverent on the political scene.

“I want to ask them, where is their integrity because there is no way the entire opposition can fail to understand bill 10 which has amendments that benefits them and all Zambians,” he claimed. “Most clauses help them. We have a bunch of MPs that are failing to think independently. They want to always oppose something that is helping them. We want to ask the opposition that, what is it that you were elected for if it is not to represent people in their constituencies and not their Hakainde Hichilema. When HH says ‘don’t do this, now walk out of parliament,’ they walk out of Parliament. When he stops them from attending NDF they don’t go. So my question is where is their integrity and freedom?”

Mbewe said most opposition MPs would not be adopted again.

He wondered how they wanted to be remembered.

“I expected them to say look when we were in the opposition it is us who amended this constitution, walk with their heads high and say this is what we did but unfortunately they want to leave a legacy of walking out of parliament, a legacy of rejecting to amend the Constitution which benefits the Zambian people,” Mbewe said. “Can they have integrity in the way they look at things. They should understand that they are representing millions of Zambians and not representing an individual or one political party but are representing the entire country through their constituencies are. The major problem with UPND MPs is that they want to think as a bunch instead of individually, according to their reasoning. How can you think as a bunch of 54? You can’t think like that. Can we have MPs who can think independently so that they can help the country progress. They know the lacunas in the Constitution but why can’t they think properly, we sent them their as policy makers.”

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