Lungu impeachment motion now alive – Syakalima

DOUGLAS Syakalima says ministers who illegally stayed in office must promptly pay back to the treasury so that “maybe” the country can have money to buy food for the needy and generators in hospitals in the face of erratic power supply.

Meanwhile, the Chirundu UPND member of parliament says the impeachment motion against President Edgar Lungu is now alive.

On Thursday last week, the Constitutional Court refused to re-open and review its final order that 64 PF ministers who illegally remained in office after Parliament was dissolved in May 2016 ahead of general elections on August 11, 2016.

The ministers remained in office after being given ‘legal advice’ by President Lungu – a lawyer.

Following Thursday’s ConCourt decision, former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba reiterated that he needs the bill that he owes Zambia, “so that I can pay back.”

Syakalima called The Mast yesterday and said ministers who illegally stayed in office must “indeed pay back.”

He said Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti must publish how much each of the 64 concerned people owed the government.

“When they pay back, maybe we can use the same money to buy food for those in need! Maybe we can even use that money to buy generators to put in hospitals because the Minister of Energy (Matthew Nkhuwa) says the directive Lungu gave not to load-shed hospitals could be expensive and might not work,” Syakalima said.

“We can use part of the money from those who illegally stayed in office to buy gensets. One cardinal issue about all this is about the impeachment [motion]; this now tells you that the Constitutional Court still says the President contravened the Constitution by directing that ministers remain in offices when Parliament was dissolved.”

He underscored that President Lungu’s directive to ministers to remain in office in 2016 was a clear offence to the Constitution.

“When we tabled that as part of the offence [in the impeachment motion], the Speaker did not table that because he said the matter was still in court. Now that finally this thing is not in court, that motion of impeachment of the President who contravened the Constitution still stands,” he explained.

“The Speaker must be seen doing right things. The impeachment motion is now alive because that thing where the Speaker wanted to hide in is no longer there.”

Syakalima said President Lungu must face the law for abrogating the law on several occasions.

“The other time he talked about chaos if the Constitutional Court didn’t rule in his favour [in the 2021 general elections eligibility case]. Lungu is not supposed to be the President because of the offences he has committed against the Constitution,” Syakalima said.

He also told the PF not to even waste time thinking that: “Lungu can stand in 2021.”

“First of all, he’s not even eligible. There shall be no third term in this country for anybody and Lungu is not an exception. In any case, he’s about to be removed through the impeachment motion – this process will now start,” said Syakalima.

“There are no arguments whatsoever – he has abrogated the law and those were some of the cases that we had put across. But the Speaker said we should not discuss issues which are in court. What a contradiction of a Speaker! That Matibini is actually a contradiction. If you are asked that who is Matibini, just say, in one word, contradiction. We shall see now where he is going to hide [in the impeachment motion matter].”

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