Lungu’s SONA was fit for a comedy night – Chifire

GREGORY Chifire says President Edgar Lungu’s State of the Nation Address to Parliament last Friday is fit for presentation only at a comedy night.

The Southern Africa Network Against Corruption director noted that majority of the problems Zambia was facing were a creation of President Lungu and his inept regime.

“I am at pains to reconcile the President’s speech with reality. Although I was not expecting much from his speech, but what our President delivered as a speech in Parliament is nothing but a joke. It is fit for presentation only at a comedy night. It lacked a sense of seriousness. If this is how Lungu will continue to handle serious national affairs then we better brace ourselves for even hasher times,” Chifire said.

He said the country expected President Lungu to at least mention the problems and challenges Zambians were facing and at least pretend to have a solution to the challenges.

Chifire said going by President Lungu’s speech, it was clear the Head of State does not know what to do.

“This country is facing so many problems. Majority of these problems are a creation of President Lungu and his inept regime. He simply doesn’t care. He lives in his own world – a fool’s paradise. Let us be honest with ourselves, Lungu has failed. He is lost. He doesn’t know what to do. Had it not been for the many cases awaiting him after leaving office, the man would have resigned a long time ago,” he said. “He knows it – we know it too – that he can’t govern, and he has no capacity whatsoever. May God deliver us from the spirit that possessed us when we voted for Lungu.”

Chifire said the economy is dead owing to the high debt burden, and that corruption was the order of the day.

He laughed at President Lungu’s blaming of climate change and wondered what next he would criticise when he fails to deliver.

“Our people are barely surviving. The man simply chooses to ignore all these challenges? He is a disaster. Imagine our beloved Edgar goes to heap the blame of his failure on climate change. This man is not serious. Bembas say, ‘uwawa, tabula akabepesho’ (a person who falls will always have an excuse),” Chifire said. “Every time the man finds an excuse, the man finds something or someone to blame for his failures. If it’s not the opposition, it is the civil society or the Church. Today it is climate change. We don’t know what he will blame next time. What has high levels of corruption in his government got to do with climate change? What has the weak Kwacha got to do with climate change? What has police brutality got to do with climate change? What has lack of medicine in hospitals got to do with climate change?”

He said Zambians in most parts of the country were being taken care of by nature as the PF government had no programme to help them.

Chifire said President Lungu, like many other leaders, should have seized the opportunity to spell out government programmes going forward rather than deliver an empty speech.

“For sure the man has no vision. Our people are being taken care of by nature. There is no government programme that Lungu can boast of that is helping people to live their dreams. He is so preoccupied with making deals; he has no time to plan for you and me. We doomed with Lungu whereas in other countries, their presidents take moments of presenting a speech to parliament with seriousness. They seize those opportunities to spell out government programmes going forward, [but] our own Edgar,’ kuwayawayafye’. The man only has time to play pool with Valden Findlay, the man only has time to drink expensive champagne, and the man has no time for serious business. To him delivering a speech is just one of those things on his daily routine,” said Chifire.

“I shudder to think that we still have Lungu up to 2021. It makes it worse that the man still wants to go beyond 2021. Imagine that insolence. The man is so stubborn; he simply can’t accept that he has failed. May God do whatever is in his power to deliver us from this Lungu. God, we have suffered. God hear us.”

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