WATCH ECZ CLOSELY… PF capable of scheming something from delimitation exercise – UPND

BWEENGWA UPND member of parliament Michelo Kasauta says it is now difficult to trust anything that the PF government is doing because it thrives on hide and seek kind of leadership.

Commenting on the ongoing delimitation exercise by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Kasauta said as much as the exercise was progressive, there was need for citizens to open their eyes because the PF was capable of scheming anything out of it to disadvantage others.

“It is now difficult to trust anything that the PF-led government is doing because it thrives on hide and seek kind of leadership. You can never trust PF in everything they do. They will never be sincere to the Zambian people,” he said.

“Quite alright we are participating in the delimitation process but we doubt the credibility and integrity of PF because we know that there is something hidden which they are trying to play within this delimitation process. We will remain vigilant and watch them closely.”

Kasauta said it was common knowledge that the PF was looking for an opportunity to maximise the number of seats in Parliament from their stronghold.

“They have the opportunity now to increase the number of seats to any number they wish through this delimitation process. The process itself is very good for the growth of democracy but the only problem is that those in leadership have another politically inclined agenda,” he said.

Kasauta said there was a lot of damage in the eight years the PF has been in power than what previous administrations did.

“But let Zambians not despair because there is still hope that one day things will be better in 2021 when UPND takes over power,” he said. “Time is soon coming to say goodbye to the PF and poverty in 2021. A government that is starving its citizens by not declaring the hunger situation in some parts of the country a disaster…”

And Kasauta has taken a swipe at remarks attributed to information minister Dora Siliya and Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo teasing people of Bweengwa.

“People are not interested in the retrogressive reasoning of these two ministers who recently teased people of Bweengwa after our party president Hakainde Hichilema attempted to donate a genset to Chawama clinic and when he visited Choongwe,” he said.

“Democracy under the PF regime of President Edgar Lungu and some MMD people has been eroded coupled with increasing tribalism and nepotism. Tribalism and disrespect among PF members against those holding divergent views has risen of late. It is very worrying that out of desperation some individuals have chosen to issue retrogressive remarks about their fellow countrymen just because they are not their tribesmen.”

Kasauta asked Zambians to unite and kick out the PF democratically in the 2021 general elections.

He noted the cost of living was high.

“The late Michael Sata’s dream of bringing peace among Zambians will never be realised under the current PF leadership due to selfishness,” he said. “Anyway we understand that the two minister’s DNA is dual membership, no wonder their excitement to try and prove a point by teasing people of Bweengwa just because of HH. Why should people of Bweengwa always come up in the picture whenever someone wants to insult HH? Do these people know that the same Bweengwa citizens contributed heavily towards the independence struggle by donating their animals to enable the late Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and his team of freedom fighters travel to London to bring the white paper which now we call the Constitution?”

Kasauta said it was painful for Bweengwa people to be teased every time those from MMD, who joined PF, wanted to legitimise their new relationship with the ruling party.

“True PF members are quiet but it is those carrying dual DNA system making the loudest noise because they want to be seen and heard that they are there as well. But I want to urge them that in their quest to seek recognition let them not insult us people of Bweengwa,” he said. “We read on social media someone was boasting that he can feed Bweengwa people within a minute and the other one issued a statement telling our president HH to donate the genset he wanted to take to Chawama clinic to the people of Bweengwa. This is very retrogressive in a democracy. Where is the One Zambia One Nation now if HH must just be giving support to people of Bweengwa where he hails from? Is this not promoting disunity in the country? The people of Bweengwa are hurt at the remarks attributed to the two ministers who were once MMD members but now want to show the world that they are more PF.”

Kasauta said he was ready to die and rot in jail for defending people in his constituency from anybody teasing them.

“Whether it’s the hunger situation I will continue speaking for my people no matter what threats PF comes up with. I’m ready to be imprisoned and rot in jail for speaking for my people who are hungry and must not be teased by anybody just because they are facing a predicament,” said Kasauta. “I’m a Bweengwa bull those using politics to insult my people will find me ready for them like a wounded buffalo.”

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