UPND condemns Sinda MP for encouraging charcoal burning

SINDA Constituency UPND chairperson Vincent Mwale says when a leader wins a political position, they should embrace even those who did not vote for them.

In interview, Mwale said the behaviour of Sinda member of parliament Masauso Tembo aka Kazungula is not okay and that the PF would know that he was destroying the party with his vulgar language.

Mwale said on September 11, the parliamentarian was on radio Mphangwe of Katete where he encouraged people to practice deforestation and charcoal burning and warned that he would behead anyone who stops them.

“Kazungula should know that he is decampaigning himself. When you win, all the people, even those that did not vote for you are yours. One should take extra care of themselves because you are a leader but his system of always talking about Levy Ngoma than talking about his development plans isn’t good at all. Principled MPs don’t attack those who lost. Levy constructed about 23 clinics and about 20 schools but for him just a school and a toilet then people should be insulted!” he wondered.

He cautioned the PF to sit down Tembo before he completely destroys the party in Sinda.

“Kazungula has failed the people; he has failed to provide development. He shouldn’t think people like his vulgar language as it states ‘it’s only the soil underground that knows that a young mice is sick’, so its only the hearts of the people that rate the leadership of Kazungula and let the PF know that he is destroying their party’s name such that 2021 in Sinda Constituency, PF together with Kazungula won’t take it,” he claimed.

Mwale explained that despite government steps to condemn deforestation and charcoal burning, Tembo was promoting it and publicly saying he would deal with anyone who stops anyone from burning charcoal.

“The government and the chiefs discourage deforestation and charcoal burning but Kazungula was on air on 11th September saying people should make charcoal and anyone who will stop them he will cut their hands. Now who is he going to cut? Government and chiefs? Surely an MP, a policy maker, saying that! Who will the people going to listen to between him, government and chiefs? Is he going to cut the hand of the government that discourages deforestation? Is he going to cut the hand of chiefs who discourage deforestation?” Mwale wondered.

He wondered why the PF and government were very quiet whenever Kazungula misbehaved.

“Don’t they know he is destroying the party and government’s name?” he asked.

He said government and chiefs were trying to improve rainfall pattern by keeping trees but Kazungula was fight against that.

When reached for a comment, Kazungula said, even in Kaunda’s reign, charcoal burning was still there because that was where people found money to educate their children.

“Government discourages that but that is where a person finds money to pay school fees for their children. Charcoal burning started way back even in Kaunda government such that even him, Mr Mwale, grew up through charcoal burning so what is he saying?” he asked

He added that as a leader, he stands with people because forest officers become cruel to people by charging them K1,500 when they are caught.

“In fact, the forest officers were too much on the people; imagine if one is caught with charcoal, they had to pay K1,500 and further charged K9000-K10,000 per canter of charcoal, is that fair for sure? Yes we are leaders but we ought to find ways and means on how to keep the people and their living standard should be our priority. Is there any MP who can be happy for his people to be arrested over a bag of charcoal? Then we could be failures in leadership if we tolerate that,” he said.

He said UPND in Sinda was frustrated because he whitewashed them during the general election and that they could not believe that he won and they lost.

He added that he would never live space for UPND to come back into power in Sinda Constituency.

“They are crying because I whitewashed them and now I am the leader; that pains them but what they should know is that they will never rule in Sinda again kwao kunatha atileke tigwileko nchito kuti Sinda itukuke (their time is gone, let them leave us to work so that Sinda develops),” said Tembo.

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