PF will soon pay for atrocities – councillor

A CIVIC leader in Bweengwa Constituency says the PF must not think Zambians are dull and cannot see beyond their nose.

In a statement, Hamangaba ward councillor Maybin Mudenda said time had come for all Zambians to see those swimming naked in corruption now that the country’s resources have dried up due to mismanagement.

“The PF must not think that Zambians are dull to see beyond their nose that their leaders in government have completely failed them and are swimming naked in corruption,” he said. “Now that the rivers of money are drying up, we shall see all those who are swimming naked in corruption instead of fulfilling campaign promises that the electorates were waiting for since 2016.”

Mudenda said politicians must know that they were a product of political creation which was temporary for it does not last forever, hence must always think about tomorrow.

He reminded those in government that it would not be long before they parade themselves to the electorates in 2021 to canvas for votes from the same people they have denied development, drugs in hospitals, and subjected to ever ending load shedding as well as hunger.

“Very soon citizens will make this government accountable for its atrocities, high mealie-meal prices, amidst poor economy,” Mudenda said. “Lack of medicines in hospitals while those in the corridors of power are being flown out for treatment when they are sick. Ordinary citizens are dying every day in hospitals that have no drugs.”

Mudenda said in the government who are castigating UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for donating mealie-meal to people of Bauleni in Lusaka and urging declaring hunger in some parts of the country a disaster, are being myopic.

He said it was sad to see leaders in the government blinded by taxpayers’ money to an extent of ignoring the suffering masses.

“Ministers like Bowman Lusambo should just concentrate on washing and ironing the overalls he used to wear when he was an MMD Diehard if he has nothing good to offer to our hungry people than being casual on hunger when the general citizenry is in dire need of food,” Mudenda said. “He should know that the Tsetse fly cannot stop an elephant from grazing. Let him be reminded that being a provincial minister doesn’t make him the most educated citizen in Lusaka. Let him maintain his humble education that the citizens are aware of. HH is a citizen of Zambia who is really desperate to combat the hunger situation that has affected our people hence his donations of mealie-meal to the needy.”

He recalled that Bizwell Mutale, who recently moved from the UPND to PF, made a donation of mealie-meal at the PF secretariat destined for the hungry.

“Was Bowman blind on that day to pass a comment? Does he think citizens are dull to see beyond their nose? If that was not a political move, what was it? He must be reminded that citizens are tax payers and hence in crises like the current hunger situation, a responsible government has a duty to feed its people using the national coffer and not party money,” Mudenda said. “Hence HH has to be commended for doing what a responsible government should have done to its hungry people. What explanation can Bowman give to a government that provide 4,480 bags of 12.5kg mealie-meal to a hungry population of more than 100,000 in a district after several months? Is that how his government manages a crisis of that magnitude? Let him manage his excitement well and continue bootlicking for he is so shocked that his office has a huge salary, allowances and other benefits, hence his allegiance to the powers that be to protect his position as minister and keep his belly full.”

He said Lusambo should know that he had not just dropped from heaven and people knew his background too well.

“I’m sure citizens are still shocked with how this man has amassed wealth he brags about like to buy a lot of bags of mealie-meal in a minute. Since he thinks he is intelligent in his own eyes and in charge of Lusaka, when is he giving us the report of who burnt the City Market? How has his government taken care of the people that lost a lot of property during that incidence? What has he done to depoliticise the markets and bus stations in the capital city?” Mudenda said. “What has he done to prevent the cholera that hit the city as a result of the dirty? Let him put his energy in telling the people the owners of the 48 miracle houses in Chalala. Let him get to Lusaka City Council or the Ministry of Lands to get the information. Let him be innovative and not blame climate change for the problems his government has put our country into – the case of huge debts he country is trapped in. Let him tell the city what he is doing to reduce load shedding and lack of water that has hit the capital and the country at large. Let him tell us why the prices of mealie-meal are too high. Let him tell us when his government will provide medicines in the hospitals unlike the current situation where his colleagues, those in the corridors of power fly out for treatment when sick. He must be reminded that he is a product of political creation which is temporal for nothing lasts forever.”

Mudenda said those in government must be worried about the empty speech that President Edgar Lungu gave when opening Parliament.

“A leader must be innovative amidst climate change. People did not vote for climate change but a leader who they look up to in times of disaster. So when you see ministers like Lusambo and Dora Siliya attacking HH for helping the needy, it’s an indication that we have no one to redeem us from this climate change which is here to stay,” Mudenda said.

He said Zambia being a Christian nation by declaration must have leaders who promote love for one another other and not insulting those with divergent views.

“It’s worrying to us young politicians to see those near corridors of power using unpalatable language to HH, as if he is not a Zambian citizen. Yes we know power speaks volumes but let not insults come from people in the corridors of power who should uphold the One Zambia One Nation motto and actualise the declaration of the country as a Christian nation even in deeds,” said Mudenda.

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