HH thanks UK for humanitarian emergency fund

WE would like to thank the UK government for issuing a humanitarian emergency fund to support the distribution of relief food to more than 1.7 million Zambians threatened with hunger, says Hakainde Hichilema.

On Thursday the British government issued a £1,000,000 emergency humanitarian support to Zambia.

According to a statement on www.gov.uk, the United Kingdom through its development agency DFID issued the humanitarian emergency fund to support civil society organisations and the Church to distribute relief food to the more than 1.7 million Zambians currently threatened with hunger.

On Monday, Hichilema accused the PF government of using hunger as a weapon against Zambians.

“They are using hunger as a weapon against our people. They want our people to suffer more. He [President Lungu] thinks that if people suffer more, they will vote for them. That is wrong. Secondly, they are afraid that when the hunger situation is declared, aid will come and they will have no opportunity to manipulate the citizens. If they love the citizens, the debate whether people are hungry or not is over. People are hungry, allow humanitarian aid to come in. The PF don’t love the people of Zambia, they don’t care. That is the most important reason,” said Hichilema. “Let me use this opportunity; today I declare an emergency and a disaster to hunger in this country. I declare, I will not wait for Lungu or PF, we will do what we can, we have been doing in different ways. I have started myself, I want Lungu to follow my lead and declare hunger as a disaster so that humanitarian aid from the whole globe can come because my little help is too little, it’s not enough. So taxpayers money can be used to save lives of people who are dying of hunger. I declare and I want Lungu to follow my instruction.”

In its emergency response, the UK government observed that 1.7 million people are threatened with hunger.

Writing on Twitter, Hichilema thanked the British government for its support.

“We would like to thank the UK government through DFID for issuing a humanitarian emergency fund to support Civil Society organizations and the church to dis

According to the statement, organisations eligible for the support include NGOs.

“DFID Zambia is open to receiving proposals from NGOs with capacity to deliver emergency drought response activities in the worst affected districts in the sectors of food security, livelihoods and water. As the UK is already working with UNICEF in selected districts to set up emergency cash transfers and support for treatment of acute malnutrition, additional proposals for these activities are not sought at this time,” reads the statement.

It added that the funding involves “emergency humanitarian assistance on food security, livelihoods and water in drought affected areas….”

Meanwhile, Jack Kalala, president Levy Mwanawasa’s aide, accused the PF government of lacking vision.

“Two reasons why the PF leadership can’t declare a hunger disaster in the country: 1 – visionlessness; 2 – The 53 confirmed affected districts aren’t in their stronghold areas,” he tweeted. “Simply put, they’re insensitive to the plight of the nation as long as their existence & continuation of being in power aren’t under the threat. #Zambia”

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