Socialist Party urges compassion for Kabulonga schools retirees

THE Socialist Party has described the eviction of the retired Kabulonga school teachers as cruelty.

In a statement, Dr Fred M’membe, the party’s 2021 presidential candidate, called on the government to treat the former government workers with compassion.

“Looking at the pictures of Kabulonga Boys’ and Girls’ Secondary Schools retired employees and their families who have been evicted from the institutional houses they were occupying has left our eyes full of tears,” he stated.

“Where is Chimanbhai Patel, 80 who has worked for 38 years as a mathematics teacher at Kabulonga Boys’ Secondary School and retired thirteen years ago going to go without money? He has not been paid his retirement package.

“Margaret Bwalya,63, retired in 2011, after working as a secretary at Kabulonga Girls Secondary School and is yet to be paid her repatriation package.

“David Katwe, 60, retired as a plumber at Kabulonga Boys in 2014 after working at the school for 33 years has even his food in the fridge looted in the eviction.”

Dr M’membe said the evictions were acts of tyranny and cruelty.

“St Thomas Aquinas said, ‘Mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution; justice without mercy is cruelty’. Justice without compassion is not justice, it kills. Justice without mercy is tyranny,” said Dr M’membe.

“We urge those in government to treat these former government workers with compassion. They need to be paid their dues and assisted to resettle given the long time they have waited for their benefits.

“This is not asking much from a government that easily and promptly pays its highest officers their gratuities, including midterm ones. Have a bit of mercy in your hearts.”

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