Lungu’s govt is inept – Kalaba

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba says the governing PF is counting on the Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 for its stay in power beyond the 2021 general elections.

He, however, believes that even if the ruling party corrupts every Zambian of voting age with a house, it will still lose power in 2021.

Kalaba, meanwhile, ‘congratulated’ President Edgar Lungu for procuring a costly jet for himself and increasing mealie-meal prices.

He said in his speech to Parliament on September 13, 2019, President Lungu did not talk about hiked mealie-meal prices because: “I can only suspect that the President is now eating macaroni, spaghetti and all those tuma nice foods from China.”

Kalaba made the remarks on ‘Let the people talk’ programme on Radio Phoenix yesterday.

He said it was unfair to talk about Bill No.10 right now when the price of a 25-kilogramme bag of breakfast mealie-meal was over K140.

“Right now we should all congregate and see how best we can cushion the ordinary Zambian on the street. Bill No 10 is all meant to elongate the PF’s stay in power. Ministers want to continue being in office even when Parliament is dissolved! Those who are in power are counting on Bill No 10. They are counting on misusing government resources to help them win elections,” Kalaba said.

“But what they forget is that the PF in its current state, even if they corrupted every Zambian with a house, they will still lose the elections. The people of Zambia are no longer interested in the PF. With or without Bill No 10, hear me well, PF kuya bebele (it’s getting out for good). They have no choice. When you see us here, you think we are sleeping? We are also doing our part…”

The opposition leader asserted that President Lungu had nothing to do with mealie-meal.

“In life you don’t find time to talk about something which you don’t consider important. The President is living in a platonic environment; he is no longer with us,” Kalaba explained.

“He doesn’t even know what it means to be broke. He can only imagine because everybody is giving him money because he has to dispense favours to them.”

Kalaba indicated that the corruption levels had reached their peak because: “President Lungu has managed to increase the levels of corruption in this country.”

“President Dr Lungu has been in power for close to five years now; what has he done for him to stay in power for another five years? We should be clapping for nothing! Yes, he has increased the price of mealie meal – congratulations. What he has done is that he has bought a jet for himself – congratulations,” he said.

“But truth be told, the President has tried to continue working on the roads that Michael Sata left. But he doesn’t deserve a third term and you people who are cheating him that he deserves a third term because he has worked, he is humble. Stop cheating him.”

Kalaba served as foreign affairs minister in President Lungu’s Cabinet, but resigned in January 2018, citing corruption in the government among reasons for doing so.

He said when he realised that he was in a ‘place’ where he could not see any direction, he preferred staying at “home than continue moving in a boat that is not going anywhere.”

“I’m proud to have resigned from a government that is inept and corrupt,” said Kalaba.

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