We must act now on world’s problems – Sanchez

WE must act and act now because the earth is bleeding, says Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

And Prime Minister Sanchez notes that the Mediterranean Sea has become the world’s largest watery grave.

Prime Minister Sanchez urged global leaders to replace their grandiose speeches with clear commitments because “what our citizens want from us is action, deeds, not words”.

Addressing the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, he said never before in the history of humanity had the need to design a shared world project been so critical and urgent.

“As I begin my address to you here today, a pregnant woman from the Sahel is boarding an overcrowded plastic raft, risking her life to cross the sea in search of a better future. She knows that the end of the journey is not assured because the Mediterranean has become the world’s largest watery grave. She is fleeing from hunger and drought. She has no other choice,” he said. “On the other side of the Atlantic, a Guatemalan family crosses the northern Mexico on foot because they are so desperate that no wall, however high, could stand in the way of their quest to find peace, food and shelter for their children. Right at this very moment, as I am speaking to you, a robot is opening with pinpoint accuracy on the patient in a Tokyo hospital saving him from what years ago would have been a certain death. In the waiting room, on the other side of the operating theatre wall, the patient’s loved ones are staring at the TV watching a Waiapi family cry inconsolably because their homes and their villages, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, are being consumed by flames…. What I am describing to you could easily be an extract from the screenplay of one of the many dystopian series on TV these days. But no. These are the real stories of real people, who are crying out for us to take action.”

Prime Minister Sanchez said those were clear examples of the magnitude of the global challenges “that we face today: the climate emergency, hunger, migratory pressure, the technological and digital revolution, inequality, and hate speech”.

“We must act, and act now, because the problems of our people simply cannot wait. We must act, and act now, because the challenges of this millennium are exceeding the limits and capacities of our nation-states,” he said. “And it is our absolute responsibility to establish our vision for the future…. Are we clear about the problems we are discussing here today? Have we all reached the same diagnosis? Do we know the kind of world we want to leave our great-grandchildren” Have we decided what our role in this change is going to be? I would like to believe that we do know the answers to these questions.”

Prime Minister Sanchez said most of today’s challenges came about due to hunger, the climate emergency, the digital revolution, economic and social inequality, the violence of war and discrimination.

He called for a world that is just, sustainable, and egalitarian.
“We want an international community that is committed to a new global social contract. We want governments that share a sense of responsibility; governments that are committed to the conservation of our planet, to sustainable development, and to the expansion of democracy,” said Prime Minister Sanchez.

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