Lusaka resident apologises for voting PF

A LUSAKA resident has ‘formally’ apologised to Zambians for being among voters who elected the PF into office in 2016.

In a posting on Facebook on Wednesday, John Mbuzi wrote that he, like others who voted for the PF, did not listen when they were warned about voting for the party..

“Putting all into consideration, I want to formally APOLOGISE to the Zambian people,” Mbuzi wrote.

“To you who is giving up on your education because you do not have funds; To those who can not afford to have decent meal; To that barberman whose business has been switched off, I SAY SORRY.”

He added: “I have realised that I AM one of the people to blame for the 200,000 votes that ushered the PF government into power. ONE VOTE was on me. We never listened even when some of you warned us. I don’t know if it was a song.”

On his page, Mbuzi shared pictures of mealie-meal (costing between K115 – K120 a bag), a fuel pump (prices which went up earlier this week) and workers on a Zesco pylon (electricity prices are scheduled to increase by up to 200 per cent on October 1).

There are also pictures of an overturned fire engine – one of 42 allegedly bought for US$42 million – as well as one of the 48 houses in Lusaka’s Chalala, which were repossessed by the Anti-Corruption Commission and whose ownership has yet to be established.

Mbuzi, however, noted that there is always “a second chance” in the next elections and that change was around the corner.

“Do not be a victim like me after 2021. Maybe it will be too late. You know what you need to do,” wrote Mbuzi.

“When a servant is not performing, REPLACE them. When a servant is stealing from you, REPLACE them. When a servant wants to become your boss, please REPLACE them. CHANGE IS ON THE CORNER.”

Mbuzi’s posting drew support, with many replies commending his “courageous” decision to tell the truth.

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