US and China trade war must end – Lourenço

ANGOLAN President João Lourenço says conflicts, hunger, misery and disease cannot be eliminated with political and bureaucratic solutions only.

President Lourenço urged the US and China to end their trade war considering the negative consequences on the global economy. He also demanded an end to the US-decades old embargo against Cuba.

In his address to the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, President Lourenço said existing political and military conflicts including the huge economic inequalities which pose a permanent threat to all mankind compels the global community to unite in a common effort to resolve them.

He listed the global real challenges as environment protection and the definitive eradication of hunger and poverty, endemic diseases, human trafficking and drugs trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorism and other threats against peace. President Lourenço said addressing those would help create a conducive environment for social progress and development.

“In order to meet this noble goal, it is imperative that we focus all our efforts on the peaceful resolution of the conflicts that lead some countries to a permanent climate of tension and imminent war,” he said. “[But] Conflicts, hunger, misery and disease are not only eliminated with political and bureaucratic solutions, but above all through good governance, combating corruption and other social ills, protecting the environment and strengthening values such as human dignity, responsible and inclusive citizenship, social justice and equality of opportunities.”

President Lourenço said in that context, it’s important to highlight the role of youth who are the only driving force capable of overcoming all challenges.

“To this end, it is imperative to deepen the quality of their education both technically and culturally so that their specific training takes into account the contribution of the great men of different cultures and civilisations who, throughout centuries have helped us understand and love the world and our fellow men,” he said. “It is with hope in the commitment of this youth that I remain optimistic and continue to believe that we can bequeath a better world to our descendants.”

President Lourenço said Angola stood for multilateralism in international relations as it contributes effectively to the world’s peace and security.
“I would like to take this opportunity from this tribune to call for an end to the decades-old economic embargo imposed on Cuba [by the United States], especially given the recent fact that an open window of opportunity for rapproachment and normalcy of relations,” he urged. “Allow me to also call for the end of the trade war that is currently opposing two economic powers, the US and China, considering the negative consequences already being noticeable in the world economy.”

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