We’re in trouble – Mwenye

FORMER attorney general Musa Mwenye is asking whose belt is being tightened.

In a tweet, State Counsel Mwenye calls for plugging leakages caused by wastefulness and corruption.

“We have economic challenges. We are in trouble! We need to plug leakages caused by wastefulness and corruption,” urges Mwenye. “Are some ministries necessary? Should senior Govt [government] officials still travel business class? Should we have large ceremonial Govt functions? Whose belt is being tightened?”

He complained of the “kind of corruption that may possibly lead to inflation of prices of ambulances, fire engines etc, the kind that is mentioned in the FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) report that possibly lead to the loss of US$417 million last year alone etc”.

A follower, Doda Simoni@BigSai asked Mwenye, “You never noticed these things when you were in power?”

Mwenye responded, “We never had these economic challenges then.”

“So it was okay to travel in business class and have lavish expenditure between 2011 and 2015 because the economy was doing [well]? What about the state of the education system, hospitals, unemployment, that didn’t matter?” further asked Simoni.

Mwenye said, “We introduced a travel agency at Cabinet office to cut cost of travel and avoid wastage. We removed allowances for meetings except presidential commissions, the president [Michael Sata] cut down his travel and delegated to [then vice-president] Guy Scott, the president used commercial travel instead of [the presidential jet] Challenger.”

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