UPND official fears armed PF cadres may cause bloodbath during elections

THE PF is a threat to Zambians and their socio-economic wellbeing, says Winnerson Ng’uni.

And Ng’uni, the UPND Southern Province secretary, says the country is threatened with a first ever bloodbath during general elections all because of the PF’s arming of its cadres.

Meanwhile, Ng’uni says Zambia has never seen high levels of tribalism as perpetrated by the PF leaders.
In an interview, Ng’uni said Zambia would not be so peaceful during the 2021 general elections because of the violent PF cadres.

“We are living in a disturbed country both politically and economically, all because of the PF, the ruling party is so scared of ever leaving government in 2021 and has since turned into a threat to Zambians and their socio-economic wellbeing. And in order to intimidate Zambians, including the men and women in uniform, the ruling party has armed its cadres who freely now curry guns in public,” Ng’uni said.

He noted that this trend of arming cadres who were not adequately trained to handle firearms would set the country into a blood bath.

Ng’uni said had the police not acted the way they did in Sesheke, the Western Province district would have seen the beginning of bloodbath in the country.

“In Sesheke, we saw guns and heard gun shots being fired by PF cadres who are not adequately trained to use these arms, they were not ashamed to carry all sorts of weapons such as machetes with a view of hacking anyone, all this was in full view of a State House aid Kaizer Zulu and other ministers. We were humbled by the professionalism of the police officers there who unfortunately were sent to the streets all for doing the job. Now we see cadres giving instructions to police officers without fear, we see cadres carry guns in public without any arrests,” he said.

Ng’uni added that the PF leadership would go down the annals of history as the most ruthless and undemocratic leaders the country has ever had.

He described the PF leaders as thieves who have no shame.

“We have corrupt leaders, thieving leaders without shame. Millions of Zambia’s taxpayers’ money is being abused day and night while the majority of Zambians are suffering. Posterity will never take kindly to the acts of the PF and I want to assure the nation that we in the UPND will aim to restore law and order. We will strive to bring back public confidence to the police service, we will not allow our cadres to abuse the men and women in uniform as does the PF,” he said.

“We will want a justice system that respects all Zambians. We shall also ensure that the public media is free to do their job of informing the nation on various issues. We will not force them to stop others as they are stopping our leader Hakainde Hichilema. We will allow the independent media to thrive and give checks and balances to the nation as did The Post, which the PF killed. But as is always the case the PF leaders, especially President Edgar Lungu, will remember The Post when he is out of office. We know that he will run to The Mast and News Diggers for his voice to be heard because he has instilled fear in the public media,” said Ng’uni.

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