Mwanza leaving ZNBC is good riddance – Dipak

DIPAK Patel has described Richard Mwanza’s departure from the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation as “good riddance.”

In a statement, Patel, who was the opposition UPND’s campaign manager during the 2016 elections, accused Mwanza of being politically biased during his tenure.

“Thank God [Mwanza] is leaving the ‘public broadcaster’ ZNBC. It is sad if as reported that he has been rewarded with a diplomatic job,” Patel stated.

“During the last general election he was politically biased to the core and had no clue what the role and responsibilities are of a public broadcaster in a democratic dispensation. Good riddance to him.”

Mwanza’s last day as the corporation’s director general is October 6.

Patel expressed hope that the next director general would “honestly adhere” to the spirit of the legislation that governs the corporation.

“I believe that the ZNBC chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe will do the right thing as I know her to be a person of integrity,” said Patel.

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