Zambia doesn’t need a snake-eating President to resolve its problems – Kalala

ZAMBIA doesn’t need a snake eating President to resolve its numerous problems, says Jack Kalala.

The former president Levy Mwanawasa aide said President Edgar Lungu’s “snake snack” during the special forces event last weekend was just a distraction and comedy.

“KK [Kenneth Kaunda] didn’t eat snakes to provide effective leadership during the liberation struggle of neighbouring countries. Please save us the agony,” tweeted Kalala.

He said snake eating or performing any bizarre ritual doesn’t make President Lungu an effective Commander-In-Chief or an effective moral, inspiring and courageous leader.

“Are the atrocious acts that criminals commit on their victims good attributes of leadership?” Kalala asked. “Effective leadership requires moral courage, integrity & the capacity to make the right decisions under very difficult circumstances. I would not consider eating a snake a survival skill. The Chinese and the Lubas of Kasai in DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo] eat snakes. They even eat dogs. Zambia doesn’t need a snake eating President to resolve our numerous problems.”

Commenting on Kalala’s tweets, Norman Chipakupaku wrote, “He [President Lungu] is completely overwhelmed by his office. It’s embarrassing for a commander-in-chief to accept stupidity by his troops – it’s a complete joke!”

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