THERE’S plenty to write about this week. It has indeed been an eventful week in the world of football but in the interest of space and deadlines, I will segment the topics in one column today and I will start with Nkana.

The world of football was left shocked with images from Levy Mwanawasa Stadium of a few Nkana fans who refused to accept the 1-0 defeat to Forest Rangers in a week four MTN/FAZ Super League match.

The rowdy fans vented their anger on the Beston Chambeshi-led technical bench forcing them to seek refuge in the dugout shelters from all sorts of missiles.

Players were running for their lives. Then worst of all, a shocking picture of a fan wielding a fully stretched catapult, that was obviously aimed at the Nkana technical bench.

I wondered to myself how fans in the 21st century do not know that there are three results in football.

Those pictures are embarrassing not only to real Nkana supporters and administrators but to football as well.

I am therefore calling on club president Everisto Kabila, being a serious and action-oriented person he is, to make sure that those fans including those that carried weapons into the stadium are identified and banned from entering Nkana Stadium because football is made to be enjoyed, not a battle of life and death.

Having covered Nkana for a long time, I know that since 2012 when John Chiwele became chairman prior to winning the 2013 league title, management had invested heavily into ending dark days of violence.

Kabila’s executive has even gone a step further by installing CCTV at the stadium to monitor all access points and sections into the stadium which has all but ended violent incidents during matches at Nkana Stadium.

It’s therefore stupidity of the highest order for fans who feel ‘untouchable’ to fear to cause trouble at home to take their barbarism away from home.

So, Kabila, if you don’t act on this one, all your efforts to make Nkana great will account for nothing… “cage the hooligans” we know you can do it.

Nkana is big a team with great history and success and therefore few hooligans should not be allowed to instill fear in real fans that want to follow the club.

Having said that, one also wonders how such missiles found themselves inside the stadium.

Where was the security? What I have noticed is that some clubs in the country pay little attention to security details when a big team visits them, instead all attention goes to gate-takings neglecting security matters.

Why is it that at the same venue, when Zesco United is hosting fellow big teams, there is thorough security checks to ensure that no bottles or anything that threatens public order does not gain access into the stadium – but that’s not the case with Forest?

Crowd trouble is inevitable the world over but every team has invested in such controls as FAZ looks into these latest happenings last Sunday. Let them question what the host team did to prevent those unfortunate incidents as by law required.
Even security management of games at all stadia in Zambia leaves much to be desired in that you find police officers, other security personnel and stewards just watch football like any other fans! No one faces the stands like the standard practice in the developed world. It’s like they just use accreditation to go and enjoy the match, no wonder police usually pick innocent fans in team regalia leaving hooligans free to cause more violence again.

The case in point is where Nkana captain Sate Sate’s father who was picked from a bus that was fleeing the same violence was taken by police on Sunday.

Wanderers’ fans last Saturday beat up travelling Kansanshi Dynamos’ supporters.
What was Kansanshi’s crime? Just winning 2-0 at Shinde stadium? Who told these fans that a visiting team is not supposed to celebrate a win away from home? Silly!

My heart bleeds when I see the happenings at once-mighty Dinamo.

I have worked closely with Power and since they won the league in 2011, Power Dynamos have been making strange decisions from management to the technical bench.

Like the latest one, we may be wrong but how can you move from Fordson Kabole to Apostle Gaston Mutobo in a country where you have Mumamba Numba, Tenant Chembo, Alfred Lupiya, Tenant Chilumba and several other ‘young’ exciting technical brains?
Maybe the man of God may pull a surprise and serve us a humble pie but with due respect like Kabole, he should have been left to continue delivering sinful souls than return to ‘sinning’ himself, Lol.

I have a lot of friends in CEC and Power Dynamos but sorry guys I just have to say this because what you are doing to the club is painful and your supporters are not happy.

Anyway, next week we will talk about what plans government and FAZ have towards camping the U-23 for the AfCON tournament in four weeks’ time.

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