Are you truly a Christian, HH asks Lungu

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is wondering whether President Edgar Lungu is a Christian.

“Mr. Lungu, you declared a national day of prayer and reconciliation but won’t accept to dialogue under the supervision of the church mother bodies. Are you truly a Christian@EdgarCLungu?” he asked in a tweet yesterday.

A follower under a Twitter handle Papa Wolf wrote: “He only accepts dialogue once a year on 18th October.”

Toni Mubanga wrote: “I don’t get the people that support lungu, I mean they know him and his government are absolutely doing nothing for this country and yet they support him. Now he wants to add tax to Netflix which is so ridiculous.”

And Hichilema asked what President Lungu was scared of by not allowing the opposition leader to engage citizens.

“You send police to stop me from engaging with our citizens. What are you so afraid of@EdgarCLungu?” asked Hichilema. “Our presence in the communities of our beloved country is sending shivers down the spine of the PF leadership as we offer solutions to the challenges our country is facing. I’ve never seen a government more afraid of losing than this one. Why are you so afraid? #Zambia.”

PK Chishala responded saying “Jail! They’re afraid of going to jail. Even the most experienced auditor who facilitates fraud, cannot afford to do so for most PF leaders. How would Mr 10% justify the dollars he receives from China? How shall he justify the eSawantin [eSwatini] land? From K1.5m to K20m in 1yr 6 of ruling.”

Stanley Njamba said: “The wicked flee when no one pursues them. Mr President, This is exactly the case of PF.”

Alfred M Mwitwa jr wrote: “This just tells us that there are other things rather than just losing power they’re afraid of. Its laughable my President, these people (PF) they stink corruption, illicit deals (tulyamo) and other more illicit things they’re afraid of. My vote 4HH.”

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