Headline Matters with Chambwa: Switch off

At the start of this year, I wrote about Power. If you ask me, it was some different Power – something like medicine. But can we afford to be talking about such side-splitting topics when most pedestrians and many driving souls are either cursing or regretting? It seems the curtains have fallen on many Zambians. Headaches, instigated by socio-economic hardships, are increasing. The medicine for all this can’t be Power. Maybe a laughter recipe!

So, this is the time poor Thomas Sipalo (Diffikkoti) should have been posting videos on Facebook to ‘cure’ those who are down in the dumps. But he’s not; and I guess the fellow from western Zambia is equally depressed.

Yes, man’s hardships cannot all be solved by politicians. But I argue that those entrusted with political power should offer some mitigation to citizens’ ‘social illnesses’ of hunger, power outages and other challenges. The real cure lies in citizens themselves but surely, those in power MUST show some relevance in bad times. But like my boy, Diffikkoti, they are not.

When there’s a display of a nauseating reality show, like now, remote control holders should press the power button. The whole episode disappears – at least for that moment. Or maybe you can opt to change the channel. So, what’s the real solution? Change or switch off the channel. If you suffer so much in Sikongo, Western Province, it’s better to shift and at least suffer from Chadiza. Just a new environment. Lol!

I can’t stand this reality show; so, for now, I switch off. For you, change the channel and hear other views. They may be tedious to listen to but suffer in a new environment. I insist; it’s either you switch off or change the channel.


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