Zikomo Kambwili, British envoy’s tongue ‘slips’

IT might not have been the case of ‘when the heart is full, the mouth speaketh’ when new British High Commission to Zambia Nicholas Wolley in expressing gratitude ended up saying ‘Zikomo Kambwili’ instead of zikomo kwambiri.

Zikomo kwambiri is the expression ‘thank you very much’.

Kambwili, on the other hand, is opposition National Democratic Congress president, who is fearless critic of the PF administration that he has branded corrupt, who don’t just steal because of hunger.

In a clip circulated on Twitter, High Commissioner Wolley first introduces himself as the new British High Commissioner to the Republic of Zambia.

“I have arrived from Kinshansa (Democratic Republic of Congo) where I had spent three years as the deputy ambassador to the DRC and Central African Republic,” he said. “In my 15 years in the foreign office I have also worked in Pakistan, Afghanistan, New York, Brussels and, of course, in the UK…. It’s a great pleasure to be here in Zambia.”

He also talked of the honour he had presenting his credentials to President Edgar Lungu and that he had an opportunity to discuss with him “our close history and close friendship of our two nations”.

High Commissioner Wolley said he expressed his key desires to further strengthen shared partnership in areas such as economic development, prosperity, governance and human investment, regional stability, climate security and people to people contacts.

“I really look forward to serving in this peaceful country of Zambia. Zikomo Kambwili, thank you,” he said.

Reacting to the remark, academician Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa said: “Ha! In this video, new British High Commissioner to #Zambia tries speaking Nyanja and ends up saying “Zikomo Kambwili”. For thanking the leader of the opposition NDC, I hope President Lungu and the Zambian Govt won’t ask Britain to recall him for interfering in domestic politics!”

Infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale also responded offering himself for free lessons for beginners.

And Dr Sishuwa responded: “ I urge you to take up this offer. You were so emphatic and deliberate in expressing your gratitude to Kambwili that one wonders whether you simply want to rile our Govt! If you continue on this path of thanking troublesome opposition leaders, you won’t last in Zambia!”

Phirison said the High Commissioner will improve…zikomo.

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