I hope govt starts recognising what we’re doing – Tilka

I REALLY hope the Ministry of Sport starts recognising what we are doing for you, says swimmer Tilka Paljk.

Tilka says she met Shepolopolo players on their way to Botswana for an Olympic qualifier.

She said it was upsetting to hear that the players had not been paid for the last two months.

“I met these lovely ladies (Zambian national women’s soccer team) on their way to play Olympic qualifiers in Botswana, and we got to talking – it’s unfortunate to hear from other athletes (not only the soccer players) how seriously the ministry is taking sport in Zambia. So these girls are doing so well and honestly, I think I’ve seen 1 post about them on social media,” said Tilka on her Facebook page.

“It was also so upsetting to hear that these ladies have not been paid for the last 2 months. You know I thought that us athletes coming from Morocco had it bad because the government still has not given us our ‘reward’ money that they were so proud to announce to us 3 weeks ago. I feel like these ladies are doing the most out there for the country and giving these qualifiers horns but it’s really sad to see how the ministry doesn’t take these ladies into consideration. This is how Zambia works – if we win we get a handshake and maybe a reward if we are lucky. And if we lose we are the disgrace of the nation, we are in every newspaper in the country for everyone to know how horrible we are. I really hope the Ministry of Sport really starts recognising what we are doing for YOU!”

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