Lungu’s govt rotten, incapable of listening – Kambwili

[By Oliver Chisenga and Mwaka Ndawa]

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says Zambians know what to do come 2021 because things are getting worse every day.

He challenged Zambians to do the right thing by showing the PF the exit door in 2021.

Kambwili said he was part of the PF cabinet that lined up power projects to counter climate change effects but wondered why President Edgar Lungu and the PF had gone to sleep.

“Zambians you know what to do come 2021, it’s up to you. Things are getting worse every day. Look at the electricity situation, and I am reliably informed that they don’t seem to know what to do under the circumstances. It’s now 12 hours of load shedding, from 18:00 hours to 06:00, 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours, 10:00 ‘O’ Clock to 22:00 hours, really how do you expect people to survive? I have said and will say it again that I was in government in 2015 when we first experienced this problem and we lined up 18 projects, funds were secured and projects advertised. Should we lament power shortage four years down the line?” Kambwili wondered. “We had the same problem in Botswana, same problem in Angola, we had the same problem in Mozambique, even South Africa but today they are not facing the same problem because in the four years, from 2015 to now, when we have another terrible drought, they did put up new generation points like we had planned. You know in Zambia, the Northern circuit, Muchinga, Northern Province, Luapula and North-Western Province do not experience droughts so we lined up projects there and the projection was that by June 2019, there will be no load shedding whether there is rainfall or not but what has happened to those projects? I went round the country explaining the projects and at that time the PF had lost popularity because of load shedding, among other things, but I assured the people that by 2019 there will be no load shedding.”

Kambwili said he always asked President Lungu and his people why they went to sleep after that. “They went to sleep as their preoccupation is to make money,” he said.

Kambwili wondered why the 2020 budget allocated K6 billion to the defence forces and only K2.5 billion to climate change resilience mechanisms.

“Our President went to cry in Parliament about climate change, how much have they allocated to climate change resilience mechanisms to counter effects of climate change? K2.5 billion against K6 billion for defence. To run a government, you look at priorities. We are not a country at war and that huge amount is not to improve the conditions for the defence personnel but to equip and mordenise the defence wing,” he said. “This equipment will be moribund in the next few years. We would have taken that K6 billion to building dams to harvest water for agriculture and build renewable energy generation projects. This country is a missed call, not a missed call where there is network but it’s completely off the network. This PF is a total failure and that’s why I have concentrated on party mobilisation. I don’t want to be talking about President Edgar Lungu all the time, I want to give him an opportunity to reflect and do the right thing. But in the meantime, we’ll concentrate on party mobilisation because when the party is mobilised then we will have the power to remove these guys from government and the rest is history.”

Kambwili said the entire PF government was rotten.

“I am now tired of personalising these things to President Lungu or Chitalu Chilufya, it’s the entire government that is rotten. This government has no capacity to listen and look like they live out of this world. And because of that I have opted to go flat out, serious on party mobilisation because it’s only through party mobilisation, building our structures further that we can remove this party from power. Talking and we have been talking but nothing is changing,” Kambwili said.

He wondered why President Lungu and the PF were still going round groundbreaking and inaugurating construction of roads when other roads had stalled due to financial distress.
Citing a number of unfinished projects owing to lack of funds, Kambwili questioned the PF’s rationale of fooling Zambians with activities that would not kick off.

“They said 40 per cent of the budget is going to pay debt but you are still going round groundbreaking and inaugurating construction of roads when other roads have stalled. They have stalled not because of anything but because there is no money. Look at the Chingola-Kitwe dual carriageway, it has stalled to an extent that where they began from, it has even started developing potholes, same with the Pedicle Road, potholes are almost knee deep,” he said. “The Kaimbi -Nseluka road in Chitimukulu area in Malole has stalled after the inauguration of construction; the Kashikishi Lunchinda road through Chiengi has stalled because there is no money; the Mbesuma road which is supposed to connect Muchinga Province to Eastern has also stalled. Surely, what is the rationale of going to inaugurate more roads, like yesterday (Sunday) he was in Mporokoso to ground break for the construction of Mporokoso-Kaputa roads when he has failed to fund the other road projects?”

Kambwili said he had spoken enough and since the PF were not showing signs of reform, he would go full throttle setting the NDC agenda in removing the ruling party from power.

At court after his case was adjourned, Kambwili cautioned citizens against being tricked into voting for PF because of incentives that the party will provide ahead of the 2021 general elections.

He urged electorates, especially street vendors, to be awake and avoid falling prey to the PF’s fake promises.

Kambwili charged that electorates of Northern Province were being deceived by the PF government on the pretext that development would be taken to their area.

“Watch out Zambians. They removed you street vendors from the streets, today because it’s now getting towards elections, they say ‘Lumumba road, you can trade as street vendors’. Bayamba ukumizembeleka (they start to entice you). This is what I talk about, you Zambians, be careful,” he warned. “Next thing they will say ‘no, we have reduced mealie-meal’. They will just be doing it for the purpose of electioneering.”

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