South UPND declare 2021 campaign

WE declare a marathon campaign programme until 2021 and the police will not stop us, Southern Province UPND chairperson Billiard Makwembo has announced.

And Makwembo says President Edgar Lungu’s last visit to Sinazongwe was a waste of money and did not leave the residents of the district with a solution to the hunger situation they are facing.

In a press statement issued to The Mast, Makwembo said the UPND had noticed that the PF has officially launched its national campaign programme.

“The PF has instructed the police to deny our dear president Hakainde Hichilema to enjoy his democratic right of movement and association…we therefore as a party declare a marathon campaign from now until the time we go for elections,” he said.

“We are going to notify the police on our campaign rallies and if they stop us we shall have no option but go ahead to enjoy our democratic rights of movement and association without notifying them,” Makwembo said.

He added that it was not a constitutional requirement for the UPND or any other political party to get permission from the police to hold a rally.

Makwembo indicated that the UPND had expected that the people of Sinazongwe to be given relief food during the Head of States last visit.

He added that the people should have also been left with a message of hope over the high unemployment levels among youths.

“We are left wondering what was the main purpose of spending huge amount of government resources on a tour which had no immediate solution to the starving people in the area…it could have made presidential, economic sense to send the money which he spent on his entourage to uplift the well-being of our people in Sinazongwe district who are in hunger situation…the people there expected relief food, dip tank for their livestock, farming inputs as we are already in the farming season,” he said.

“But not even a single bag of fertiliser or seeds have been delivered in Sinazongwe. These are important needs that Edgar Lungu should have provided to the people of Sinazongwe, not to showcase his skills in ‘eating snake’” Makwembo said.

He added that the UPND in Southern Province had advised its members to remain strong in the midst of the current economic crisis as a result of PF and President Lungu’s failed leadership.

“We urge our members to remain united and continue giving undivided support to our party president Hakainde Hichilema so that together with our members of parliament we remain strong in the midst of political persecution. Without UPND under the leadership of HH and his entire leadership across the country, democracy could have been history and Zambia would have been a one party state,” said Makwembo.

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