FIRE KAIZAR…he is a danger to national security – Lukuku

REPUBLICAN Progressive Party leader James Lukuku has written an open letter to the director of intelligence Samuel Nkhoma to advise President Edgar Lungu to fire his political advisor Kaizar Zulu or risk the country slipping into a failed Republic.

In the letter also addressed to the Zambia Army and ZAF commanders Lieutenant General William Sikazwe and Lieutenant General David Muma, Zambia National Service Commandant Lt Gen Nathan Mulenga, Council of Catholic Bishops and PF secretary general Davies Mwila, Lukuku says it is shameful for a person with a soiled public legacy to be the President’s advisor.

“I write to your office, with respect to your job description as Chief Security Adviser to the President. The country we love with our hearts is now standing at the edge of slipping into a failed, unmanageable and banana Republic because of one political adviser to the President in the name of Kaizar Zulu,” Lukuku wrote.

“It’s shameful for the entire country to let a person whose public legacy is well known, including by kindergarten schoolgoing children, that it is a legacy of gun wielding. We have a presidential adviser notorious for nothing but discharge of gunshots anywhere, any time and anyhow. The question is that this is a political adviser on the payroll using taxpayers’ money and present in almost all by-elections where people have died or have been shot like the case for Kaoma, Sesheke and the list is endless.”

Lukuku wondered what political value Kaizar adds to the political nutrition that President Lungu needs and deserves.

He equally wondered how the chief intelligence officer in charge of the country’s security could not link between Kaizar’s appetite for the gun with that of PF cadres, who were now worshipping gun possession more than possession of good morals, good manners, and good education.

“I was ambushed at Kabwe High Court, and was followed inside the courtroom of Kabwe High Court by PF cadres who came in the company of lawyers for Tutwa Ngulube. They had guns in their pockets when they attacked me in the presence of the police who did nothing to arrest them and up to now they are scot free with their guns,” he narrated. “This issue is in public domain and it was covered by Prime TV and the MUVI TV, among other media institutions.”

Lukuku said one would not be far from the truth concluding that the gun-carrying PF youths were transcending the strange gun culture from the top leadership of the ruling party.

“Then we have a President in Edgar Lungu, known to favour the company of this gun firing maniac, in the name of political adviser to the President. What political advice does he offer? Is it gun political advice or what? Is it out of order for us to conclude that gun carrying PF youths are transcending this strange gun culture from the top, the top leadership of the PF, especially that Kaizar posted on his Facebook page that he was heading to Kaoma during the sad period, in which the UPND has lost a committed member?” he asked.

“In 2013, Kaizar Zulu, while serving as a permanent secretary at home affairs ministry, arrested me and took me to Woodlands police for an offence of driving and talking on the phone. This was along Mosi-oa-Tunya road in Woodlands close to where Burma Road starts. I left my car along the road, and he forced me into his VX official vehicle. He had to pack properly aside about eight pistols to create a space for me at the rear seat. About eight pistols in his car, and I wondered for what. He took me to Woodlands. Fortunately, I was not locked up after I paid a fine of K540.”

Lukuku said the country could not talk about gun control when the President’s advisers have a public record and legacy of firing gunshots in public at will.

He said PF was now a political party of guns, killing and harassing innocent citizens.

“I am explaining this history of Kaizar and love for guns, and it’s unfortunate that PF cadres are now armed with guns at almost every juncture,” Lukuku lamented.

Lukuku predicted a bloodier 2021 election adding that it would be worse than 2016 if people like Kaizar remained in their positions, and continue drawing public salaries from public coffers.

He said the security of the country was compromised with the highest office in the land being at the centre-stage of a gun culture.

“Let President Lungu emulate the maturity of president Rupiah Banda who had Professor [Francis] Chigunta and Dr Martine Mtonga as political advisers. [president Levy] Mwanawasa had [Alfred] Chipoya, [Jack] Kalala, and Musokotwane, all of them with distinguished national characters and standing in society,” Lukuku said. “We call for maturity on the part of President Lungu and maturity on the part of those claiming to be his advisers. The security of our country is compromised and in danger….”

He advised President Lungu to detach Kaizar or possibly keep him in the category of his private friends.

“Let the President remove Kaizar Zulu and possibly keep him in the category of his private friends like [Valden] Findley and those Indians who have captured our game reserves kwati ebafyele inkalamu nempombo shesu [as if they gave birth to our lions and impalas]. Let Kaizar remain a private friend of the President. I am saying all this because our democracy is threatened. And since we are a democratic Republic, it means our Republic is threatened,” urged Lukuku.

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