PF supporters shout UPND’s ‘forward’

PF supporters in Kaoma on Tuesday shouted the UPND political mantra ‘Forward’ following a ‘Zambia’ prompt during a rally addressed by President Edgar Lungu.

The Head of State was in Kaoma to drum support for the Patriotic Front candidate in today’s council chairperson by-election Anna Ngombo.

The political contest is mainly between Ngombo and UPND’s Austin Muneku.

A violent campaign has ended in a UPND member being shot dead.

However, during the rally that was broadcast live on Smart Eagles, a PF aligned social media platform, a female campaigner urged voters to support the ruling party.

Speaking in Nkoya, the unidentified campaigner told the voters to utilise the PF candidate, who together with the President [Edgar Lungu] who had travelled to Kaoma that day, would take Zambia forward.

She thanked the people that gathered for the rally and to crystalise her message, she shouted, “Zambia [in UPND fashion]” and the people responded, “forward” in a natural response before they realised the political blunder.

Zambia Forward is a UPND mantra.

The female speaker, after the people laughed, shouted “sha” as if to prompt them to repeat their response before a male took over the microphone and shouted “One Zambia” and the people responded “One Nation”.

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