I won’t resign to make people to kill each other in a by-election, says UPND councillor

SINDA’S MNYAMANZI UPND ward counsellor Samson Zulu says he will remain in UPND so that peace and unity prevails in his ward.

Commenting on the Kaoma political violence, Zulu accused those resigning from their parties of being the coursers of violence.

He promised that no matter how PF tries to trick him to join them, he would not because he was content with the UPND and its leadership.

“People are suffering yet others start killing each other. That’s bad! That is why me as Samson Zulu, the only UPND counsellor in the district, I will not resign to make people start killing each other in a by-election. I have refused to do so. I will not leave UPND party no matter what! I am UPND and I will remain UPND and these people that resign from opposition to join the ruling are the ones that make people start killing each other. That is lack of wisdom, lack of vision,” he said.

Zulu said those that entice political leaders to change parties were useless politicians who just want to attract more people to join them in their failures to govern the nation.

“People that resign from opposition have no vision as I said earlier but again a wrongdoer is he who bribes these leaders to join them in their failures. Development is failing us in government but for us to pretend that our party is popular, we end up buying people who are leaders in other parties so that they help us clean the dirty names of failure which is wrong! Ukakangiwa ulamuliro wakangiwa nuleka ena aciteko (if you fail in leadership, give chance for others to try),” Zulu said.

He challenged the Patriotic Front government to concentrate on development in the shortest period they are in office before 2021 by improving the agriculture system, which was characterised by a lot of corruption.

He further reminded the PF to focus on supplying farming inputs in good time so that farmers plant in good time because focusing on violence as a way to win 2021 would not help them in anyway.

“People are hungry as they eat fruits which are not ripe. Let the government see to it that the situation is addressed by supplying food rather than engaging in violence. Please, I beg agriculture officers, do your job honestly! Why do you demand some undercover [activities] from farmers for you to process their ATDs? We are watching and we know what you are doing. Soon, I will expose you because I stand and sign to die while speaking for the people of Zambia,” said Zulu.

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