Chongu challenges PF on repentance, forgiveness before engaging Zambians

LET’S reconcile the PF at all levels, revoke expulsions and lift all suspensions in readiness for the day of national prayer, fasting and reconciliation on 18th October, says Maxwell Chongu.

In a statement ahead of the day of national prayer, fasting and reconciliation, Chongu, a staunch PF cadre, said it would be pleasant to see Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili sharing the same podium with President Edgar Lungu to signify true and genuine peace, love, forgiveness, reconciliation and unity.

Fube, Kalaba and Kambwili, three of very critical senior members of the PF were expelled from the ruling party because of their presidential ambitions.

Mwamba rejoined the PF after years in the opposition UPND.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to see the likes of KBF, Harry Kalaba, GBM and Chishimba Kambwili sharing the same podium on the 18th October 2019 with our President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to signify true and genuine peace, love, forgiveness, reconciliation and unity? President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was seen in Kasama embracing and giving a brotherly hug to Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) a clear signal that the party was open to reconciliation and unity,” Chongu said.

He lamented that some leaders were using his name and that of President Lungu under the pretext of protecting the party and presidency when in the actual sense they were protecting their personal interests.

He charged that some PF members had been busy fighting those they perceive to be their enemies, competitors or threats using their positions and authority.
He lamented that the practice was extremely weakening the PF on the ground.

Chongu wondered how the PF would champion and lead the day of national prayer, fasting and reconciliation yet it was living the opposite of what the event symbolises.

“What message are we going to be sending to the people of Zambia if we go ahead to champion the day of National Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation yet we are doing the exact opposite within our party?” Chongu asked.

He said he was aware that others in the PF would not support the idea of reconciliation with certain names he mentioned because they had presidential ambitions.

Chongu said the above former PF members were merely emotional when they made a decision to leave the ruling party but with counsel from the church and traditional leaders, they would suspend their presidential ambitions.

“It does not necessary have to take the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to go openly seeking for reconciliation from the aforementioned leaders but we have leaders in the party hierarchy that can facilitate that which I am convinced will please the majority Zambians and restore the glory and support we enjoyed in 2011,” Chongu said adding, “The Bible in Mathew 6 verse 14 to 15 says and I quote ‘For if you forgive others of their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others of their trespasses, neither will your father forgive your trespasses’ end of quote.”

Chongu added that those that genuinely loved the PF and President Lungu should agree to the suggested reconciliation for the unity of purpose.

He wondered how the party would grow at grassroots level if some members oppose the idea of true peace, love, forgiveness, reconciliation and unity.

“We have many people that have rejoined the party PF from other political parties some whom were our members others are new, mainly the grassroots that vote in large numbers, but it beats my heart to see that we haven’t really opened doors to embrace our colleagues, those that might have been lucky to be given a platform have already been neglected, forgotten and ignored.”

Chongu warned PF members against the use of President Lungu’s name in vain to merely protecting their personal interests and not the attention of the party.

“Luke 17 verse 3 – 4 says … ‘Pay attention to yourselves, if your brother sins, rebuke him and if he repents forgive him’…. If we genuinely love the party, PF, and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu then one will agree with me that surely this is time for massive and true reconciliation and unity processes on all party levels. We are talking about numbers. How do we expect to have more branches and sections if we can’t extend the hand of peace, love, forgiveness, reconciliation and unity among ourselves as PF before we think of encouraging 17,000,000 Zambians to go that direction?” said Chongu.

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