Zambia worse economically today than in 2011 – Fube

KELVIN Bwalya Fube says no Zambian in their right mind can dispute that the country is in a much worse economic situation than it was before the 2011 elections.

In his state of the nation address, Fube noted that after the economic turbulences Zambians had been subjected to, the battle lines had been drawn and that he had no doubt that citizens would have their say at an appropriate time.

Fube, however, said there was need to engage in much deeper conversation than just removing a political party from power.

“We removed the MMD from power, but as the current economic fundamentals clearly indicate, we are in a much worse situation economically then we were before the 2011 elections. No Zambian in their right mind can dispute that fact,” Fube said.

Fube recalled that during the MMD regime, opposition leaders were allowed to freely meet their supporters without interference but today the case was different as they could not even do so in their backyards.

He further placed a demand that this time around Zambians critically look at the nation deserves as opposed to what a few political actors think citizens deserve.

Fube further noted that Zambians were fully aware that it was possible for the economy to generate sufficient jobs and economic growth beyond what had been achieved so far.

“We Zambians are fully aware that ours is a very wealthy nation with no excuse for the impoverished state we have been tolerating for decades. We Zambians are fully aware that the kind of politics we have been entertaining are many times too shallow and rarely address our aspirations and the pertinent issues affecting us. For example, how can political players want to drag an entire nation into trivialities of why did the Head of State eat a snake or that HH supports homosexuality? Can we for once refuse to be used for selective application of our ‘Christian Nation Tag’ to suit shallow designs,” he said.

He wondered how the nation would tolerate witchcraft, occultism, injustice, corruption and immorality amongst leaders and general citizenry but play a Christian nation trump card when accusing political opponents of some conveniently selected sins.

“Since when did the Bible say it is a lesser sin to practice witchcraft and violence but a bigger sin to support homosexuality? Fellow Zambians, let us not attempt to mock God, remember God cannot be mocked,” he said.

Fube further said he knew and felt it in his guts that Zambia was destined for prosperity and that the country must flourish.

He said he was convinced that it is the choices the country makes today and tomorrow that would determine the pace at which the nation rises to confront its challenges and emerge prosperous.

“It is the demand we place on ourselves to refuse compromise and mediocrity and embrace excellence and hard work that will move this nation to greater heights. Climate change or no climate change, the future of this nation is entirely in our hands, God is on our side. Some politicians will claim that they can end all Zambia’s problems but it’s time we put them on the spot and demand that they tell us how. I can place a demand on this nation that we refuse to accept political aspirants devoid of a clear roadmap. Can I ask the Zambian people that this time around that we must be adamantly clear that we need a prosperous, united and peaceful Zambia and we will not accept pretenders and professional politicians to hoodwink us anymore,” Fube said.

He added that there was too much at stake this time around and he would not proceed like it is business as usual.

Fube noted that nations were making strides and Zambia should therefore not settle for excuses and explanations.

He placed another demanded on the Zambians to petition leadership and not politics.

Fube further stated that Zambia’s biggest deficiency currently was that citizens seem to think politics was the same as leadership.

He added that the country needed a leadership with a clever vision of where the country should be going.

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