The poor cannot lose their dignity – Diaz-Canel

CUBAN President Miguel Diaz-Canel says the poor of the earth cannot lose their dignity or give in to threats.

Addressing the National Assembly last Thursday in his inaugural speech as Republican President as dictated by the new constitution, he said the Revolution is a struggle for the future and to govern is to foresee.

“For the Council of State, its President, Vice-President, and the remaining 19 members who have just been reelected or elected this October 10; for the Vice-President of the Republic and for its President, the number one task must be the future. We appreciate your confidence in choosing us for these responsibilities, which, united together, we will perform in the name of this future,” President Diaz-Canel said. “That is why we have put defence and the economy in the first place and at the same level. We have not forgotten, for a second, that a Revolution is worth defending and those who forget this lesson do not live to talk about it. The economy, as the basis and sustenance of the social superstructure, is the great determinant of the future.”

He said Cubans shared logical and revolutionary concerns over a world crippled by imbalanced economic relations, without “buffers” in less developed nations, and in which global financial institutions have made a practice of bailing out banks, but never peoples.

President Diaz-Canel worried about a world dominated by disrespect for international legality, led by a hegemonic power and the imposition of its demands through threats and sanctions.

“A world manipulated by pernicious media campaigns against a solidary and peaceful nation like Venezuela, while insisting on legitimising as “President” an imposter without any popular support. A world in which the podium of the United Nations General Assembly has been used to dismiss, belittle, threaten, and deny social systems and sovereign governments and lie shamelessly in an attempt to promote interventions of all kinds, including military,” he noted.

“A world in which global agreements, cooperation projects, and health programmes, that brought hope to excluded majorities, are broken. A world in which the judiciary is used to imprison progressive leaders and persecute and murder social activists with impunity. A world in which those who build walls, separate families, imprison migrant children, prohibit exchanges between peoples, and block access to development of other nations, putting the human species in danger when they ignore climate change and dismiss scientific warnings, while the Amazon and other lungs of the planet burn. Such a world really alarms us all.”
President Diaz-Canel recalled at the First Earth Summit in 1992, Fidel Castro delivered his jarring speech warning of “an endangered species.”

“Thus no one should be surprised that a teenager cries in front of those responsible for the disaster. The tears of Greta Thunberg are the tears of the future,” he said.

President Diaz-Canel said just in Jose Marti, the Cuban Revolution owed much to the brilliant foresight of Fidel and Raúl Castro.

“This is our political school. Those who doubt it, can just look at 60 years of revolutionary history: beginning with the literacy campaign and education of our people, the basis for forging the valuable human capital that distinguishes us, and promoting the development of science and medicine to international cutting-edge levels, even the early warnings and preparations that have now allowed us to confront the brutal tightening of the blockade by this US administration, with less damage than our adversaries had calculated,” he said. “The commitment we make before you today is to maintain and strengthen this practice, take advantage of the invaluable human capital that we have trained and the contributions of academia and science to increase the efficiency of government management, as a result of the foresight generated by knowledge.”

President Diaz-Canel said the country had the commitment to nurture the talent developed by the Revolution, produce and contribute internally without closing the door to cooperation and learning beyond its borders.

“The poor of the earth cannot lose their dignity or give in to threats,” said President Diaz-Canel. “[But] those who create and construct have defeated those who hate and destroy.”

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