POLITICIANS CARELESS…if cadres aren’t caged, Zambia will be on fire – PF

PF member of the central committee Kebby Mbewe says politicians in the country have become careless in the way they want to protect and acquire power.

He urges UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to give President Edgar Lungu a chance to rule the country peacefully, as he is the one with the mandate.

“Let him [Hichilema] swallow his anger; his anger is slightly too much! Let’s help each other as a nation to reduce the anger. This leadership we desire so much might never come to those who wish for it so much, not even to me,” Mbewe said.

In an interview, Mbewe said the rate politicians were encouraging lawlessness in the country to build up was alarming and that it required serious introspection from all political leaders who were scrambling for State House.

Mbewe said peace was being threatened by selfish individuals whose desire was just to get to State House.

“Politicians in the country have become careless. If Zambians don’t stand up against political violence, the country will be set on fire,” Mbewe warned.

“Lawlessness is building up every day and I want to urge the police to up their game because this country is not for politicians alone. If these political cadres are not caged, I can assure you fellow Zambians that you will remember my words; mark my words that MCC (Member of the Central Committee) Mbewe had told us that we are setting this country on fire. We are just living by the grace of God, otherwise the political precedent that politicians seeking power in the country are setting is very dangerous.”

He added that the opposition UPND would never get power if they used violence to ascend to State House.

Mbewe said violence in any form was a wrong formula to woo voters.

“Why should Zambians suffer teargases for nothing? Why should the innocent Zambian people be the ones at the receiving end of political violence? That is food for thought,” Mbewe said.
“I totally condemn what happened in Lusaka where UPND cadres became unruly the day they were burying their member who died in the Kaoma by-election campaigns. I urge leaders of political parties to take responsibility and ensure that such a thing never repeats itself.”

He said he, in fact, did not have words to describe what happened in Lusaka on Friday because: “I will end up offending many people.”

“But what happened in Lusaka of carrying a dead body (coffin) around town is totally unacceptable, regardless of which party one belonged to. What I saw for me is a disgrace and I want to tell the UPND that if they want to get into power in that manner, they will never enter State House, that I can assure them,” he said.

Mbewe said at the moment, the country had President Lungu and that he deserved respect.
“Even HH if he becomes President one day, he would want to be respected, if at all he will be President. Let him respect his brother who is holding the position now. He should bear in mind that what you do unto others will also be done unto you,” Mbewe said.

“Let him swallow his anger; his anger is slightly too much! Let’s help each other as a nation to reduce the anger. This leadership we desire so much might never come to those who wish for it so much, not even to me.”

He added that if political leaders remained careless in the manner they portrayed themselves before the public, “we are going to lose integrity as leaders in all political parties, be it PF, UPND, FDD, Socialist Party, Rainbow and any other party involved in the scramble of power.”

Mbewe further observed that politicians of today lacked integrity.

“It is very important for any leader to take self-introspection and ask themselves, ‘is this what I’m supposed to do or not, is this what I’m doing in conformity with the bible teachings?’ It’s very important for political leaders to have self-introspection,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mbewe urged opposition political parties to participate in the national day of prayers this week on Friday.

“We have an opposition political party in the name of UPND which behaves like a headless chicken. When you have the opposition behaving like a headless chicken, all over town, is when we need Christ the most in our lives,” Mbewe said.

“The day of worship is important, it is when we need Christ the most. No opposition should shun this year’s prayer day.”

He urged all Zambians to pray on the day of national prayer for the grace of God to be upon Zambia.

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