Dora a political mercenary – MMD

SINDA MMD chairperson George Mwanza says Petauke central member of parliament Dora Siliya is a political mercenary who can’t be trusted.

Commenting on Siliya’s recent statement that there was no MMD and that she was happy to be at the winning side, Mwanza said it was not easy to get political truth from a person like the information minister.

“We can’t get political truth from a person like Dora Siliya because it’s the same person who insulted PF but now she is in PF insulting other parties which is bad. Dora is saying all what she is saying because she is getting paid,” he said.

Mwanza said to say there was no MMD was a mistake and a falsehood because the party was well organised with structures across the country.

“To say MMD is not there or MMD is dead is a mistake and a falsehood. We hold meetings and we are very much organised and this is a sign enough that it is a party which is alive with structures throughout the country,” Mwanza said.

“Dora is saying all these falsehoods because that’s where her bread and butter is coming from and politically Dora Siliya is not a reliable person because if you follow her today, tomorrow you will find she is in UPND because baja bajumphila kulikonse kuli ndalama (she jumps to where there is money). There are some professional soldiers who do not fight for their country out of love but fight in order to get paid. These are mercenaries, you are not going to rely on them to defend your country and that’s what Dora is, she is a political mercenary, she says all the statements to get paid,” Mwanza charged.

He also observed that the position she holds in government suits her because it was one that required one good at misinforming and hiding the truth from the public.

“Her position in the PF government, yes, that’s her right position to spread falsehood so that she gets paid,” he said.

Mwanza reminded Siliya that MMD was a factor in the political landscape, no wonder the PF begged it to help it win elections.

He wondered why the PF did not nominate characters like Chilufya Tayali to parliament but went to pick MMD members.

Last week in Parliament, Siliya said she was very happy to have joined the winning side through the door since there was no MMD.

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