Greedy politician who want to cling to power will set Zambia on fire – Chipango

GREEDY and selfish leaders who want to cling on to power will set this country on fire, says a former local government leader.

And Keegan Chipango, a former MMD Freedom Ward councillor, says SADC was being led by dictators who only want to protect their interests.

In an interview, Chipango, who is also former Football Association of Zambia committee member, said he was disappointed with the behaviour of political parties in the just ended Kaoma council chairperson by-election which resulted in the death of a UPND member.

“We should emulate Botswana in the way they conduct elections. The Tswanas are going to the polls on October 23, but we have not heard of anyone being killed or cadres carrying machetes. The media and police are giving all political parties fair coverage,” he said.

“But here in Zambia, if a life can be lost in a council by-election, what more in 2021? What will happen? This country will be on fire all because of selfish and greedy leaders who want to cling to power,” Chipango said.

He urged politicians to be civil in the manner they lead their cadres instead of encouraging violence.

Chipango, who is a son of Livingstone’s first Zambian mayor and veteran politician William Chipango, added that politics was not about enmity.

“The politicians we have today may find themselves at the receiving end tomorrow. Why should we slaughter each other? No wonder we as Africans are not taken seriously by other continents. It’s Botswana which is being respected over the civil manner they handle political affairs. I wonder why they (Botswana) are still part of SADC, because this is being led by a group of dictators who only want to protect themselves,” said Chipango.

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