Lungu isn’t God to say HH won’t win in 2021 – UPND

SINDA district UPND chairperson James Banda says President Edgar Lungu is not God to say Hakainde Hichilema will not win the 2021 elections.

In an interview, Banda aka Chisinsi said the statement by President Lungu in Kaoma was not true because only God determines one’s future.

“President Edgar Lungu is not God, he is not the messiah, he is not a prophet to prophesy about the future. The only one who holds the future is God and His Son Jesus Christ. God gives things at His own time. Who is Edgar Lungu to act like God? We will wait to see if Edgar Lungu is God or not in 2021,” he stated.

Banda said the late Michael Sata contested the presidency several times and God finally gave him the opportunity to lead the country in 2011.
He wondered what could prevent or stop the UPND leader from governing Zambia even if he contests 20 times.

He said God always deal with the pompous people as he dealt with Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar and Goliath and was the same God who would humble the pompous and elevate the humble.

He also said the challenges Zambians were currently going through, including high fuel and mealie-meal prices, and collapsing agriculture sector had saddened Zambians who have decided to change government because PF had failed.

“PF should not start shaking now that we won Kaoma by-elections. They should have started shaking after the announcement of their fake budget, which looks nothing in the face of Zambians. I mean their 2019-2020 budget is fake and it’s another tool, which will kill them politically. This is why we say the vision of PF leadership lacks merits…” he said.

He mocked PF by saying people in 2021 would choose between eating a snake and a cow.

“They will see which one between the two is dangerous to humanity. So in short, people have distinguished the two parties that when you see PF you see a snake and when they see UPND they see a cow….. The message is simple. How many Zambians eat snakes? How many Zambians eat cows? People have the answer,” Banda said.

He said the Kaoma results not only excite people of Kaoma but the entire country, adding that people have decided and no one would challenge them.

He appealed to Zambians to “teach PF a lesson” in 2021.

“I urge my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and everyone across Zambia that let’s use our vote to remove the problems we are facing. We can talk and talk, they can point a gun at you, they can attack us in whichever way but one thing they will not manage to kill is my vote, your vote, our vote. They will escort you in peace to go and vote yet the power is and will be in your hands. Easterners, please let’s teach PF a lessen. Let’s not always be behind in moving with the majority,” said Banda.

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