The church must learn to speak out, challenge govt – Mumba

GOD is calling on us as the Church not to be afraid of governance, says Victory Ministries president and overseer Nevers Mumba.

Speaking at the United Church of Zambia Matero Congregation last Sunday, Mumba, who is also a politician and MMD president, urged Christians to be the salt of the earth.

“I am going to share one thought of encouragement to the body of Christ. I also want to rejoice and announce that yes, my background is UCZ and that I am even more UCZ that you are not only because my father was a lay preacher at Lubwa Mission, my mother was a treasurer and was one of your women that God committed to Christ. But I was also privileged to be baptised by the famous Reverend Paul Mushindo. So you are looking at one who was baptised by one of the founding reverends of UCZ, Paul Mushindo at Lubwa Mission. So I will speak to you as one of you,” Mumba said.

Mumba said his confidence for ambia’s prosperity was not in politicians but in the Christians.

“I speak to you as a Missionary from UCZ to the Pentecostal movement and I also want to challenge you, when we started Victory Ministries, my Church UCZ was very angry with me. You know why they were angry with me? They said bushe Nevers kuti waba shani mu Church umo mulelisha ama drums na ma guitar, pakupepa muleshana nokupunda mulepunda? So ba UCZ balifulilwe sana ati tuleonaula amapepo. Nomba apa nga naya kuma UCZ namuncila nokuncila, filya fine mwalenkanya efyo mulecita nomba, nama organ yali mu Church, na ma guitar yali mu church, na ma drums yali mu Church but mwalenkanya ati ifyo Nevers tefyo bapepa nasha umutima (you said how can you go to a church where you sound drums, play guiters, shout and dance during prayers? But if I go to a UCZ Church, I find guitors are in church, drums are in church, you are doing the things that you were stopping me doing and even doing them more than me). So I am very happy that where you sent me, you have followed me and have almost overtaken me.”

Mumba noted that the UCZ had also transformed the way they pray.

He said his heart was burdened for the country and that the church was key and answer for the nation.

“In the bible, Matthew chapter 5 verses 13, The Bible says something I want to leave with you and you can read it at home. The Bible says that you are the salt of the earth but if the salt has lost its power, its flavour, where shall it be salted? It’s that salt that is good for nothing, that is to be cast out and be trodden under the feet of men,” Mumba explained.

He said today the country was faced with many challenges and the only way to look forward was to create a united country.

“Jesus is speaking to you and I as the salt of the earth…salt in Chinsali where I come from, when my mother was cooking, she would put salt inside the beef, inside the chicken, inside the vegetables. Bushe babika umucele mumbali yamupika, kunse yamupka…. Jesus calls us the salt of the earth in this mission. Kale naleumfwa ati mwebena Christu mwilaiposa mufikansa fya calo; don’t involve yourselves in politics, that’s for the devil, we will change Zambia from outside.”

Mumba further said regardless of one’s tribe, only the church could unite the country.

He said God was calling the Church not to be afraid of governance.

“In fact, the Bible says when the righteous rule people rejoice and when the wicked rule, people mourn. My confidence for Zambia is not in the politicians, my confidence in the prosperity for Zambia lies in you the believers who know God. You are the ones that present Zambia before God and He will hear you because the bible says in 2 Chronicles 7-14 that ‘if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face, turn way from their wicked ways then I will hear them from heaven and heal their land’,” Mumba said to the cheering congregation.

“He did not say my politicians, he is saying if my people, so I am calling on the church that today we get involved in making sure that our country begins to prosper. Today we have Lozis, Tongas, Bembas and Ngonis in this church and because we already demonstrated unity as a church, we are the ones who can teach the politicians unity.”

Mumba challenged pastors across the country not to be afraid to confront politicians.

He asked the clergy why they were afraid to tell politicians to stop doing what was evil.

He also said the church was permanent while presidents and politicians were temporary.

Mumba explained that in 1964 the country had Kenneth Kaunda as Head of State but he was not in that portfolio today while the church had remained rooted.

“In 1991, we had president Chiluba but is president Chiluba still president? But the church is still here. If you remember in 2002, we had a new president, President Mwanawasa but is he still president? But you the church are still here, so why do we fear those that are temporal in those position to tell them when they are wrong or right? Why are we afraid?”

Mumba further told the congregation that God had raised Christians to be the voice.

He maintained that President Ruphia Banda and Michael Sata came and would go but the Church would remain] standing.

Mumba sent the congregation into laughter when he named himself among president who would come and go.

“The Bible says according to your faith, nga taucilubwile teti ficitike (if you don’t declare it, it won’t happen), you will have to speak it but the point I am trying to make is whether Nevers Mumba will be president or not because I will be, the church must learn to speak out and challenge government. If the church stops to speak, Zambia goes down because you are the light of the world.”

Mumba described the violence in the Kaoma council by-election last week was a very sad moment for the country.

He cried that young people were encouraged to kill each other in the name of democracy and politics.

Mumba warned that if politicians were not stopped, killing each other during elections would become a tradition in Zambia.

He said politicians did not care about the lives being lost in electoral violence because it was not their children or wives being maimed.

Mumba added that saying Christians should not join politics was not biblical but a devil’s scheme so that the light would not enter the darkness of politics.

“It’s up to us to clean our nation. This is one of the most difficult seasons of our country: the economy is harsh, our people are failing to buy mealie-meal for their families, there are no jobs and pain is all over the place but this pain will continue until the church stands up and points a finger at the politicians saying ‘stop it in Jesus name’. So I encourage every man of God, every child of God, this is your country and the best way to move forward is to be united regardless of your tribe, regardless of your church affiliation,” he said. “We need to come together as a nation and the only institution that can bring the country together is the Church and I challenge you to take a stand and do what is right not only by speaking but also by participating in the political process. 2021 is coming and I expect you to stand as councillors, and members of parliament and support me as President,” said Mumba.

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