SOCIALIST Party president Dr Fred M’membe says the government is indicting itself by not arresting the killer of Lawrence Banda.

Dr M’membe yesterday charged that violence is evil.

The Socialist Party 2021 presidential candidate said efforts to prevent and put an end to political violence would require a critical appraisal of the deep roots of political intolerance and conflicts.

“One of the deep roots of political violence is the lust for power at any cost. Those who hunger for power incite their members and supporters to political violence. This should never be allowed in any society,” Dr M’membe said on behalf of Central Committee of the Socialist Party. “All politicians and leaders should be made responsible for their actions. They should be made responsible for the actions of their followers. Those responsible for inciting violence should be brought to justice regardless of which political party they belong to. The government is indicting itself by not arresting the killer of Lawrence Banda.”

According to Zambia Police, UPND supporter Banda was shot dead by members of the PF. This was during electoral campaigns for the Kaoma council chairperson by-election. The UPND scooped the seat.

Dr M’membe said legal measures alone could not prevent or put an end to political violence.
“We come back again to you on the issue of political violence. We should never get tired of speaking against political violence. Violence is evil,” he said.

“We must do all we can to put an end to it and bring peace back to our politics. And since the majority of us say we are Christians, are followers of Christ, are people who want to be like Christ, we will use the Biblical language.”

Dr M’membe said efforts should be made to instill in people’s hearts a respect for God’s commandment of “thou shall not kill”.

“A respect for the principle to the effect that God has entrusted to us with the lives of our sisters and brothers,” said Dr M’membe. “In all we plan to achieve in the future, nothing should be judged of greater importance than human life. We want to insist once more of this fact today. To kill a human being is a sin of the utmost gravity. God forbade homicide as soon as a human being was created (Gn 4:10; 4:15; Ex 20:13) and God reminds of this in Mt 5:21.

It is for this reason that political violence is evil; its purpose is to intimidate, kill people and destroy property.”

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