We’re extremely stressed as a nation – Nawakwi

THE police are inept and inefficient, says Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi.

And Nawakwi says Zambians are currently extremely stressed.

In an interview, Nawakwi said the current police command does not match up to the likes of former Inspector General of Police Ephraim Mateyo who discharged his duties without taking sides.

“We had cops in this town, like Mateyo, he was a cop in this town. Do you remember Ephraim Mateyo? It didn’t matter whether it was a member of the ruling party or a member of the other party, we were all treated the same,” she said.

Reminded that some police officers during the Sesheke by-election were retired in national interest for arresting violent PF cadres, Nawakwi responded, “What national interest, which national interest? You can appeal to court and prove that it wasn’t in national interest.”

Nawakwi added that if the current police command had failed to discharge their duties, they should resign and pave way for young and fearless officers who would be equal to the task.

She noted that the current police service was dragging the name of the President in the mud owing to their failure to work professionally.

“Even a decision said in national interest, who would retire them in national interest when they catch criminals? The bottom line is that it’s the name of the President in the mud, they are not protecting him. He is not there pulling the gun but all of us on the street think he has authorised, which is unfair,” Nawakwi said.

The FDD leader further noted that the country was extremely stressed and could not afford spending money on printing of ballot papers.

“He has said to them that you people can you work, maybe the best is to retire them in national interest and get young people who can be fearless, who will save the country and not their jobs. The police are inept, inefficient and whenever they are working and catch you on the road, they look at you and say…it’s Amake Kai, pitani, mwaiona kaa? But if they apply the law fairly then everybody will sit up. When the President commissions you, he has delegated his authority to you. So if you can’t do your work, please hand in your resignation, you don’t want to be retired in national interest, which will come anyway because these jobs come and go. They should hand in their resignations. I think what the President should do with these things coming, and I don’t like the whole idea; when we are so stressed, I tell you we are stressed, extremely stressed as a nation and all of the sudden you have to print ballot papers,” lamented Nawakwi.

Some stakeholders have called for Kanganja’s resignation citing biasness and incompetence.

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