Where has this alien concept of armed political militias come from, asks Mukuni

WHO is arming political militias mushrooming in the country and why is the police service not clamping them down, chief Mukuni has asked.

And chief Mukuni of Kazungula, Zimba and Livingtsone says the PF has weaponised hunger to humiliate those that did not vote for the ruling party.

In a press statement, the traditional leader said a troubling trend on the Zambian political landscape had emerged where political militias were slowly taking a centre stage.

“Ironically, the militias are being established parallel to institutional law enforcement bodies like the police and even the army…it’s no longer uncommon to see political cadres wearing camouflage military fatigues and carrying unconcealed firearms standing cheek by jowl with the police at public gatherings,” he said.

“This is chilling and must raise serious questions among the minds of ordinary citizens as to where politicians are taking us…so why are armed militias mushrooming and who is arming them? Why isn’t the Inspection General of Police Kakoma Kanganja clamping on them? Just last week a precious life was tragically lost in Kaoma when a militia member opened fire at a UPND supporter at point blank range,” chief Mukuni said.

He added that almost a week down the line, the police who themselves gave conflicting versions, have not apprehended the culprits.

“What is going on? Where has this alien concept of armed political militias come from and who is benefiting from it? The militia concept is alien to the Zambian situation where we have never been at war, because it evolves around countries emerging from a civil war where there’s no outright victor. We have never been at war in Zambia and we don’t intend to go into one,” chief Mukuni said.

He indicated that as a traditional leader and a senior Zambian citizen, he was calling upon all fellow chiefs to take a very keen interest and aggressively address this new concept of militarisation of political cadres.

Chief Mukuni said ultimately when the crunch comes, it would spare no chiefdom, Church, political party or tribe.

“In the same vein, I call upon President Edgar Lungu to exercise his constitutional responsibility by aggressively tackling the belligerence of these armed militia groups. He has the instruments of power at his disposal, let him have the political will to deal with this ticking time bomb,” he said.

Chief Mukuni indicated the PF government was dividing the nation on tribal lines based on who supported the ruling party in 2016.

He alleged that tribes from North Western Zambia, formerly North West Rhodesia were systematically excluded from those of North Eastern Zambia formerly North Eastern Rhodesia as a matter of institutional policy.

“This North East regionalism for government top notch jobs and juicy contracts has become the PF government and party’s collective religion, celebrated each year under the guise of the so-called National Day of Prayer which is ceremonised and calibrated specifically for PF by bishops and Christians for Lungu,” he said.

“Their hymn, rallying cry and incantation of the Zambian National Anthem that is mandatory for singing at all public gathering except funerals, is a distinctive indicator of the PF government and party’s intrinsic desire to brain wash, destroy and demonise those from north western tribes, who dare interrogate the bigoted methods with which the PF selectively awards government jobs and contracts to tribes of North East Zambia,” chief Mukuni said.

He added that there were Zambians who labour under the illusion that President Edgar Lungu could probably declare hunger as a national disaster on account of hunger ravaging the north western Zambian regions and their people.

“They do not realise hunger is this far just a north western disaster and therefore cannot be given a national recognition. PF has weaponised hunger to humiliate these regions in order to punish them for holding dissenting views simply out of their constitutional right of freedom of choice and association,” said chief Mukuni.

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