Hands off our youngsters, Chabinga warns agents

STAND-IN Nkana coach Manfred Chabinga has warned ‘outside forces’ and scouts not to confuse rising stars from the club’s academy.

Five young players from Young Nkana FC who starred in a friendly against arch-rivals Power Dynamos at the weekend have graduated to the Nkana senior team where they have been training.

But Chabinga warned that often, rising young players in the game have their careers ruined by agents who lure them with promises of lucrative offers that do not even exist, leading them to be perpetually on the move in search of greener pastures instead of settling down to consolidate their positions at their respective clubs and moving only when the time is right.

Young players like defender Justin Mwanza and attacking midfielder Patrick Gondwe also play for the Zambia U-20 national team while Oliver Lumbiya is with the Zambia U-23 national team.

“…yes we hope outside forces will not influence them to make wrong decisions. You know agents like telling players all sorts of things and these are young players that need to grow in their game. They need to focus their minds on the game so that they can grow into the players that we want them to be,” Chabinga said adding: “We don’t want anyone to start misleading these players. It takes a lot to develop a young player. These are our players that’s why we have brought them here (senior team). We want them to grow their game, we hope they won’t be disturbed with rushed professional promises.”

Meanwhile, Chabinga said striker Fred Tshimenga has recovered from a calf injury ahead of tomorrow’s game against Kabwe Warriors.

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