We’re at war with ourselves, confesses Nevers

WE are at war with ourselves, Nevers Mumba prayed yesterday.

In a prayer of re-dedication of Zambia to God during national prayers at Lusaka Showgrounds, Mumba, president of Victory Ministries International, renewed Zambia’s vows “to govern ourselves by the statutes of God’s Word”.
He thanked God for the firm, Strong Christian values upon which Zambia was founded.

He thanked God for choosing Zambia to be the beacon of light for the rest of Africa.

“We affirm the prayer of David Livingstone that, ‘On this land where I rest my bended knees, let it become a mighty Christian Nation’. A beacon of hope to the African continent and a light to the rest of the world,” Mumba prayed.

He also affirmed the prayer of Zambia’s first president Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, who said “Zambia shall honour and uphold the Christian faith.”

“We further affirm the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation by our second President Dr Fredrick Chiluba. We affirm and celebrate the declaration of October 18th as a day of Prayer, Fasting, Reconciliation and Forgiveness as announced by the sixth President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Mumba prayed.

“Today, we hold ourselves accountable to the solemn vows we made to you. We promised to govern ourselves under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We dedicated the Presidency, Cabinet, the Civil service, the legislature, the Judiciary and the people of Zambia to the Lordship of Christ. We vowed to end corruption. We vowed to be just and defend the weak. We vowed to govern this country in morality and integrity of heart.”

Mumba said 28 years later, Zambians had come to give an account before Him.

“As national leaders, we repent for failing to honour our vows. We seek your forgiveness,” he prayed.

“Instead of propagating peace, we have propagated hate, division, violence and blood letting. We have oppressed the poor and glorified the powerful. Our nation bleeds from greed and corruption. Our people carry the unyielding yoke of poverty. We repent for failing to create unity amongst ourselves. We have turned our backs against the vows we made to you. The result of our disobedience has been hunger, poverty, joblessness, violence, deaths of our youth. We are at war with ourselves.

“As Church leaders, we have failed to play our prophetic role of guiding the nation in a non-partisan manner. We have failed to be the prophetic voice for the masses.”

Mumba confessed that citizens had failed to hold their leaders, both in politics and the church accountable and failed to place demands on those who lead them.

“Lord, Zambia is no ordinary nation. This is your inheritance. It is your light house for the continent. You chose this land before anyone of us was born. We fear and tremble to be found guilty of frustrating your eternal plans for this land,” Mumba prayed.

“Therefore, today, we willingly choose to rededicate our nation, Zambia, to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We repent as political leaders for taking your people for granted. We repent as Church leaders for not speaking loud enough for the poor and the weak. We repent as a nation for the innocent blood that has been spilt and for engaging in witchcraft and demonic activities.

We turn to you with tears in our eyes and grief in our hearts. We seek your forgiveness.”

Mumba dedicated every sector of the Zambian community to Jesus.

“We accept our failures and weaknesses. We seek your forgiveness. We rededicate our selves to live in love and at peace with each other,” Mumba prayed.

“Lord, we renew our vows to live in harmony, in love and in the fear of the Lord; to govern ourselves in equity and the fear of the Lord. We further declare that Zambia shall be led by leaders of integrity and morality in line with our declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. We pray so for President Lungu and his government and we pray so for all governments to come after his. May the leadership of morality and integrity be the flagship of our Christian nation, Zambia today and always.”

Mumba also rededicated President Lungu, the Zambian government, opposition parties, the Church and Zambians to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

After the moving prayer, Mumba went to greet and hug President Lungu, who led hundreds to the prayers that were also attended by some opposition political party leaders.

The theme of this year’s programme was “Receiving Times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord through reconciliation of one another and the environment for a prosperous Zambia”.

Mumba and his rival in MMD, Felix Mutati greeted and laughed.

Other opposition party leaders that attended include Forum for Democracy and Development Leader Edith Nawakwi, UNIP’s Alfred Banda, Zambia Republican Party’s Wright Musoma, NRP’s Cozmo Mumba, and United Better Zambia leader Hector Sondo.

Northmead Assemblies of God overseer Bishop Dr Joshua Banda opened the first Bible reading before United Church of Zambia Secretary General Rev Dr Peggy Kabonde gave a moving sermon stating that Zambian men cannot sink low to divide the nation.

She said it was God who brought the congregants together.

She emphasized that Zambian men were there to reconcile the nation and she challenged the nation to believe God’s report on the calamities that had befallen the state.

“May the heaven open for the rains to come even as we have this drought,” she prayed.

Soon after her moving sermon, the Master of ceremony introduced Vocalist Kings to sing.

As Kings took to the stage, he proclaimed that as Rev Kabonde was preaching, he had a revelation that one day in a certain month he would be meeting men an women of God.

He said there were so many temptations in his work thus needed guidance from the clergymen.

The Gospel vocalist added that President Edgar Lungu was human and bound to err in his duties.

There were overwhelming chants of agreement to Kings’ prophetic revelation before he sang ‘Intungulu’.

In his closing statement, Kings said even if the price of mealie-meal escalates, he would not be demeaned.

“Nangu ubunga bukwele tatwamumwenemo, kashitafye, tuli bapamwamba [even if the price of mealie-meal escalates, we will not blame you, it’s a matter of time, we belong on high),”said Kings.
The programme proceeded with numerous bible readings, prayers, exhortations and prophetic words from the interdenominational clergymen including Bishop John Francis and his wife Penny.

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