Eating of a snake, Lucifers will not help you, Syakalima tells PF

NO amount of eating snakes or Lucifers will help you, Chirundu UPND member of parliament Douglas Syakalima has told the PF.

He says those in the PF are on their way out of the government and that they must go well.

Meanwhile, Syakalima says ministers who illegally stayed in office in 2016 and are, thus far, dilly-dallying to pay back what they illegally earned are criminals.

He was debating the 2020 national budget in Parliament.

Syakalima observed that the budget towards the education sector was going down and: “yet you want to spend money for tear gas and guns.”

“If you look at the health budget, what has been proposed to buy drugs is K900 million. Now the debt within the health ministry is K1.9 billion. So, it means that inadvertently that K900 million for drugs has been swallowed by K1.9 billion in debt,” he debated.

“Instead of taking money from the Ministry of Home Affairs to hospitals, you would rather buy ammunition, tear gas! But even those who use those tear gasses, they also get sick and die. So, why don’t we want to preserve them so that they use a little of some tear gas but they are alive?”

Syakalima said out of about K10 billion proposed expenditure for road development, the government could have gotten some amount of that money and take it to the Ministry of Health.

“Isn’t that logic? There are certain things that you say ‘if, then, that,” Syakalima noted.

He cautioned finance minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu that PF members of parliament would: “dilute you.”

“That I can tell you; they are very bad people,” Syakalima charged, before first deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala ordered him to withdraw the reference to others as “very bad people.”

“I withdraw that they are very bad people. But I don’t know what they are. I’ll leave it for themselves to judge who they are.”

He said while PF members of parliament vehemently refused to heed to the opposition raising of the red flag on the repercussions of sales tax, the same people were now fervently cheering the reversal of its introduction.

Syakalima charged that it was the PF members of parliament who defended sales tax with their “ribs and sometimes lungs out.”

He further told the House that the PF government haD painted a picture of not defaulting on debt repayments, but was defaulting on delivering socio-economic development.

“If you were using that debt prudently, today we could have been repaying out of what we have reaped. Zambians are now resolved; no amount of eating snakes or Lucifers will help you. You are on your way [out] and go well,” Syakalima said, prompting jeers and cheers from both sides of the House.

Meanwhile, Syakalima said ministers who illegally stayed in office: “must not be hovering around the streets of Lusaka, Ndola or wherever.

“Their place is supposed to be a prison,” he debated.

Last month, the Constitution Court passed a decision that its earlier decision that ministers who illegally overstayed in office when Parliament was dissolved in May 2016 would have to pay to the treasury stands.

“In 2016, the Constitutional Court pronounced itself that former ministers were in office illegally and they were told to pay back. But they refused! They went back to the Constitution Court and the court maintained its position,” said Syakalima.

“Even this word that we say that they stayed in office illegally…that is criminal! If you did an illegal thing, it’s criminal. They must be called by who they are, these former ministers; they are criminals.”

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