Liswaniso accuses police of protecting PF criminals harassing marketeers, drivers

UPND deputy national youth chairman Gilbert Liswaniso says if PF cadres continue operating bus stations and markets, UPND will protests with marketeers and bus drivers.

Liswaniso says police should move in and disband the PF cells that exist in markets and bus stations.
Addressing journalists at the party secretariat in Lusaka yesterday, Liswaniso said PF cadres were troubling marketeers and bus drivers with machetes and guns.

He said it was not for UPND to remove PF cadres from bus stations and markets but the Zambia police and councils had the mandate.

“As youths, we have a problem with the acting inspector general of police Eugene Sibote in the way he has handled the issue of removing cadres and criminals from the bus stations and the markets. For me, those who collect money from the bus stations and markets are not politicians but they are thieves,” he said.

He said by threatening UPND youths who wanted to remove the PF cadres from markets and bus stations, Sibote was protecting criminals that were collecting monies meant for councils.

He said police should move in and remove the cadres from the markets and bus stations if they did not want the UPND to do it.

“I am surprise that police started threatening us with arrests. Where we are here, since you the acting IG you want to protect the criminals, let me tell the acting IG, UPND have gotten used with the police brutality, we are used to be arrested, we are used to be killed even when we are innocent,” Liswaniso said.

He said it was sad that the monies, which were meant for the councils to manage their affairs, were being left in people’s pockets.

“You were so quick to confiscate pangas and walkie-talkie from the suspected Leadership Movement members and you parade the weapons thinking that we are fools. When you know that a distance from police headquarters and Intercity is a half-kilometre but you have failed to go and disarm the PF cadres at the Inter-City Terminal. When you heard about our planning of removing them from such public places, you decide to go and protect them instead of protecting Zambians, who are willing to pay their market levies to council,” he said.

Liswaniso reminded the police that their job was not to arrest UPND supporters but to ensure that citizens and their goods were protected.

“Those PF cadres are forcing marketeers and bus drivers to pay the money to them instead of giving to the councils. Today, we are saying you police officers, do not take us for a joke. We know that, us as UPND, even if we are innocent, just want to correct things, we know that we are in danger. So, there is no way we should be running away, no. We know that if you want to kill us today, you can do it because you have demonstrated that before. So it is better we do the right thing for once,” Liswaniso said.

He said the violence happening in Lusaka had a blessing of home affairs minister Steven Kampyongo.

“We know that PF illegal cells are found at Pa Kamugodi in Soweto market where marketeers and bus drivers are taken for torture. Mr Sibote, you know these things. Go Pa Kamugodi, you will find all sorts of weapons PF cadres use to inflict pain on the innocent women and youths who are working in this public place. Home affairs minister knows the existence of PF cells at Inter-City and Soweto market. I am challenging you [Honourable] Kamyongo] to tell us more on these cells,” Liswaniso said.

“When you go to Pa Kamugodi, you will find Muke, Davies, Chama. You know all these people. Provincial youth chairman [Daniel] Kalembe, all the violence that is happening in Lusaka you are behind it. I am naming you because I am seeking for the solutions to the problems to the violence that has affected us. Kampyongo, Kanjanja and Sibote and other PF members have introduced the gun culture that has taken the space. These cadres are troubling women and youths. In these markets, PF cadres are harassing hard working people.”

Liswaniso urged the marketeers and bus drivers not to pay cadres for their trading spaces but councils who manage their markets.

“If PF cadres insist on getting money from you, tell us. We have agreed that one day we will wake up and no one will go to sell. We will stay at our homes as a way to protest. And all bus drivers will not go in town, show the PF leadership and the police that we are not happy to see Lusaka City Council failing to pay its workers,” said Liswaniso.

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